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  1. Hey and welcome. I was struggling to find parts etc on any of the forums purely cause the hatches just aren’t as popular. Recently joined up to a Facebook hatchback members group (Subaru Impreza Hatchback Owners Club) and is another great group of folks all with hatches in common. Could try across there if you have no luck on here.
  2. Morning all. Was changing the rear brakes on my WRX-S at the weekend there and noticed that my drivers side rear spring has snapped at the bottom. About 2/3rds of the bottom ring has sheared off. Looking to see if anyone has done some suspension upgrades and what options I have. Probably not looking to go down the coilovers route though. Is it worth just changing the spring and leaving the struts or would it be better to get a new strut as well. Car has done 85,000miles. Would I need to do both rears?
  3. Happy New Year to all. Looking to change all 4 tyres on the WRX-S and was thinking of going from a 225/40/18 up to a 235/40/18? Car is running with 18x8 PFF7’s so will fit the alloy just cautious about the clearance on the inside edge? Is anybody running this setup / can offer some sound advice?
  4. There is a trip A and a trip B for mileage. When you change between them/reset them to zero the mpg also changes/resets.
  5. I’m driving WRX-S like you are. Standard engine just a stainless mid section on the exhaust. I’ll get about 28.8mpg sitting at 60-70mph, 25.5mpg at 75-80mph. Driving around the city I can get as low as 17mpg. So totally depends what you’re doing with it.
  6. DDoc


    Is there a way to send someone a video of exhaust noise on here?
  7. Ah ok seems to be the earlier model not the T9001 required for my car. Out of interest though why you getting rid of it? You say you don't like vta but the whole point in that bov is that it's completely adjustable so can be used as a full recirc valve no??
  8. Do you still have your respons bov available?? Do you know what's model it is? Whether it will fit a 2009 WRX.
  9. Cheers buddy I'll have a look on japanparts.
  10. Anyone done a swap to a clear rear right lights on a WRX/STI hatch? Where can I get one? What do you do about fog light?
  11. This is pretty tempting. What you changing to buddy? Does this fit straight to standard downpipe?
  12. Currently looking for: - GFB Respons dump valve - Fuelab fuel pressure regulator - 3-port boost solenoid (preferably Grimmspeed or Perrin) - Master brake cylinder brace - Black Brembo calipers from STI hatch (REAR only) - Any silicone hoses / hose kits that will fit - Possibly 3" to 2.5" sport cat downpipe - Possibly Up-pipe
  13. Thanks for getting back to me with this. I actually already have a 2.5" hayward and scott mid section on the car. Makes a nice difference in sound compared to the resonated standard one. I have stuck with the prodrive backbox at the moment mainly because i wanted to keep the car as 'authentic' as possible. Also wasnt that keen on cutting the bumper for the dual/quad exit tailpipes. Let me know if you have anyything else in the future.
  14. If you are looking to keep the prodrive backbox and standard downpipe, without modifying anything it's a 2.5" centre section that you would be looking for. Most aftermarket downpipes are 3" but you can get a reducer if you have a 2.5" pipe. I got a great deal on the brembos. £350 including brand new PFC pads which are about £100. Had to buy disc (went for Godspeed g-hook £250). Most calipers I saw were about £500ish. I think the brakes are great. Make a huge difference. I'm sure I saw on here that some had a set of prodrive Alcon calipers for sale, they would be amazing if still available.
  15. I was looking at this before I bought my alloys. Still not sure of the answer but on this website might help you out. http://opposedforces.com/parts/impreza/en_g12/type_20/suspension_and_axle/front_axle/illustration_1/