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  1. After searching through a tonne of other after market boost solenoids I found what I was looking for :)
  2. Can anyone shed a light to which pipes connect to which ports on this denso unit... (wastegate actuator, boost source and the vent to intake) I fitted a 3 port Perrin ebcs boost solenoid last year but recently just lost all boost it won't get above 0 ont he guage but can hear the turbo spooling so trying to eliminate what it might be by first swapping out the solenoid to this denso one as pictured below as checked pipes for leaks and can't see anything. If this isn't the issue my next step will be to remove the turbo and up pipe to check those.
  3. Have you checked that you haven't reconnected the fuel lines the wrong way round on the filter? Simple mistake that is easily done
  4. Newage Clearout

    All parts taken off a 55 plate blobeye and are compatible with all newage imprezas 2000-2007. Will post within the UK or collection is welcome from York or can meet at leeds, harrogate etc. if it's within a reasonable distance Payments via paypal, bank transfer or cash on collection. Aftermarket backbox with 3.5" baffled rollback tip welded to original mid section, nice fitment with all hangers in place and makes the nice classic suby noise £40 OEM cat downpipe SOLD Exhaust Headers with sensor, good for porting to create better throttle response, boost and turbo spool £30 Cat up pipe with sensor £15 TGV inlet manifold with fuel rails (may strip it down and paint it for resale) £50 STI Denso 3 port boost solenoid £30 WRX Denso 2 port boost solenoid £15 Oem fuel pump in perfect working order £15 Subaru STI radiator/header tank cap £15 Washer bottle acrylic painted black with red rising sun subaru vinyl £30 Freshly painted pair of red radiator stay mounts £15 Lower black or silver bumper grilles x6 of silver and black available £10 each and £10 postage, requires 4 to 6 tie wraps to fit or you can bond or screw it on. I chose to fit mine to the back of the bumper with tie wraps but you can fit it midway in the bumper or at the front with a bit of tinkering. Oem intake induction pipe £15 STI red silicone intercooler to turbo pipe £15 Airbox pipe £10 Re-circulation blow off valve rubber hose £10 Various other hoses available... Updated plastic headertank secondary radiator hose blanked off £10 Oem Radiator in good working condition no leaks £20 Black WRX Sideskirts in good condition £50 Subaru oem double din stereo in perfect working order £20 Subaru oem clock £1
  5. Unfortunately I got quoted £13 as the best price from all postal services because of the length of it so because the postage is high I'm asking £20 posted
  6. I'm up north, postage would be £3 extra
  7. List updated and postage prices or collection for larger items added
  8. @Sandals I had a similar problem when fitting new discs, pads and hand brake shoe kit on the rear of mine this spring, once back together the wheel was locked solid on the ns when the wheel nuts were tight which was odd, loosened them off a bit and could turn the wheel but with heavy resistance against me which led me to find the new disc had a lip that was rubbing against the disc back plate shield and saw the old disc had the same lip but had been worn down. Not sure why the lip is there but I got a chisel and straightened the backplate and took as much build up of dirt off it as I could then put it back together and now it's much better. @mattiekane That really sucks :( Get the brembo helicoiled?
  9. Project Blobeye

    It certainly was, 345bhp is the end result which I am happy with! Completely different car to drive now, pulls very nice and smooth at a lightning pace
  10. @mattiekane I found it pretty straight forward just need the front end jacked up and about an hours work
  11. Did you choose one in the end? I bought the Pioneer SPH-DA120 soon after getting my car 3 years ago and it's been brilliant.Mind you I had a friend who worked at halfords at the time though so got it at staff discount rates which made it a good price for the features it offers. Sound quality is very nice and got all the bells and whistles of multiple usb ports, bluetooth, apple car play, dab radio, reverse camera, customisation with any background you want and light colours, apple car play which has proved useful and looks really tidy on the car.
  12. Pickering car show?!

    I have that weekend off work so I should be ok to go
  13. Nice radiator you got there, looks just like mine that I fitted a month or so back ;)
  14. My Blob

    Aye I spent a fair bit on mine to get it to 345bhp, full decat, turbo, ported headers, tgv delete, injectors, fuel pump, boost solenoid, sit top mount, panel filter, induction resonator delete, better flowing induction silicone pipes and put an alloy rad on and removed the all the aircon to cool it better. Told 350 is the point where it's life can be reduced/risked if hammered. The 5speed box is abit of a ticking time bomb some people are lucky some aren't even with mild maps. It's the 3rd gear which is known for going. If mine goes I'll convert it to 6speed rather than risking another unknown second hand 5speed box.