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  1. On retention and ready for immediate allocation to your car. Make your Subaru stand out from the others. £995. Tel: 07496 477 557
  2. Price now £8900.12 months MOT and just serviced by Triton Motorsport Subaru specialist. Sound car.
  3. Yes it’s a Spec D (D is for discreet apparently). Price now reduced to £9,250, will be sold with fresh MOT. Just been enjoying the snow!
  4. Unmodified WRX STi Hawkeye widetrack first registered Jan 2007, so among the last to be made. 8 main dealer service stamps to 59,000 miles then 3 specialist stamps. Cam belt changed at 50k, new clutch at 60k, currently showing 79,000 miles. New Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tyres recently fitted, alloy wheels newly refurbished, new rear shocks at 74k. So a well maintained car ready to be enjoyed by its next owner. This discreetly spoilered WRX STi comes with black leather upholstery which is in excellent condition. Any inspection welcome. Current MOT until 11/5/18 but will sell with fresh MOT subject to price. £10,000
  5. This car is now sold. Thanks for your interest. Number plate SU66ARU on retention and available for immediate transfer, £1500.
  6. Oh i see! I've got a very nice number plate you would like to see on your car......
  7. If you buy the mat for £24,500 I'll throw in the car.
  8. No thanks Brian, it's going with the car.
  9. Something boring infortunately. Thanks
  10. November 2016 Subaru WRX STI purchased new by me in November. Silver metallic and as new. All round rubber mats, including boot. Standard car. I am trading in for something else, all I want is £24,500 to beat the dealers trade-in offer. That represents a huge saving over list and much better than anything else online. Number plate available by separate negotiation. More photos to follow. Please call 01425 619262 (Bournemouth area)
  11. I am now into my 4th month of ownership, where did the time go? I have only covered 1800 miles in that time but those miles have involved some commuiting and a B road blast through Shropshire. My experience so far has shown me what the car is good at and where it falls short, so here goes. Motorway commuting is definitely not this cars natural home. Whilst it is economical in this environment, plodding along at 50-70 in busy traffic can be rather boring. At much over 60mph the radio is inaudible, so the boredom cannot be alleviated by listening to anything conversational. This is a noisy car, mainly roadnoise. Get off the motorways though, find a gap in the traffic and the only entertainment you will need is available from your right foot and through the steering wheel. I had a blast driving from Bridgnorth to Market Drayton and on to Knighton and Newcastle under Lyme in January. The more sinuous the road the better, as soon as the traffic disappears this car demonstrates just how quickly it can eat up the tarmac and just how much fun it can be. The steering is amazing, the car is so easy to place on the road. Turn in is instantaneous then feed in the power and just enjoy being fired out of the corner to the next one with the confidence instilled by unshakeable traction. Great! I still like the interior, I don't get the press criticisms, and find the seats comfortable even on a long journey although a bit more adjustment would help, underthigh support could be a bit higher for taller drivers. The big boot is a real plus and there is pleny of room in the back. What would I like Subaru to add to the next version? Well sat nav and a reversing camera should be included in the spec as standard, as should parking sensors. A couple of storage nets in the footwells would not go amiss. A bit of high tech should be available to take advantage of safety developments and to keep up with the competition: intelligent LED lights are superb and I want some, a couple more USB sockets would be useful too. Oh! I use the horn for the first time yesterday, it's pathetic! Like something off a pedal car. Anybody have any suggestions for something a bit more manly? Average fuel consumption so far: 30.3mpg. i still look forward to an excuse to drive my Subaru, and any trip is an event. This is an easy car to enjoy!
  12. I hoped this thread would be a guide to WRX STi ownership should anyone be interested in owning one. I agree 100% that you don't buy one for the fuel economy, I didn't! But what I found in my first weeks of ownership is that the reviews online or in the press were a bit harsh. Not all of them, but some would definitely be a disincentive to potential buyers. Car Wow, for example state that: running costs are high – and you’ll be lucky to average more than about 20mpg. My reason for posting on this topic is to reassure any would be buyers that economy should not be a deal breaker. I agree that we have covered that subject now and I look forward to writing more about the car's other attributes in the coming weeks.
  13. Just smooth driving people. Plenty of braking distance and minimal use of the brakes, no hard acceleration (no use in congested traffic anyway). I'm sure I could do better! I did not hold back on the acceleration on the way home and even then I thought consumption was quite respectable. I will save my fun for the right roads, meanwhile I will enjoy this car's unexpected "efficiency" when I don't need to use the loud pedal.
  14. I took the car to work for the first time today, that's a 38 mile commute each way and a mix of town, A-road and motorway. On the way there I drove economically but keeping up with the traffic and achieved 32.2 mpg. On the way back I drove as you would like to drive a Subaru with the occasional blast of acceleration but without abusing the speed limits, that returned 28.5 mpg. So not too bad at all. I'm happy!