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  1. Piston Heads chip run

    I will definitely keep an eye out for any meets. We are hoping to rope one of our sisters into baby sitting occasionally but haven't quite convinced them yet, so might be able to make it to one of the Ipswich or Norwich meets in the (hopefully near) future. That'll be a very quick patio then, lol! We would probably just come as public to see what it's like rather than on the stand anyway.
  2. Piston Heads chip run

    Thanks for the reply. I did have a look on scooby city and noticed there wasn't much going on. Tys and I aren't really into car shows, more just the meets to chat to people, although the bury one might be ok. We used to go to monthly meets with other cars we've owned but since our daughter started school haven't been able to go unfortunately, because they are all weekday evenings and decided it wasn't fair one of us going as we both really enjoy it. I noticed the monthly meets on scooby city which would be great but again they are on weekdays so would be really difficult for us to go. I'll have another look on there and keep an eye on what's happening around here, thanks
  3. New BRZ

    Hi and welcome Love the look of the BRZs, looking forward to see some pics
  4. New Member

    Hi and welcome
  5. would 3 be wrong?

    Very nice looking driveway
  6. Hi, Tys and I are joining in on the Piston heads fish n chip run to Aldeburgh this year and I was wondering if anyone here is going or would like to? Details are in the the link below. Would be great to meet some more scooby owners! https://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?h=0&f=121&t=1667624
  7. Brake squeal

    They are ferodo ds2500s
  8. Brake squeal

    So, after a week of taking apart, cleaning, greasing and putting back together countless times then test driving, which was the fun part until we realised they still squealed, and hours of googling, it seems because our break pads are performance pads it is very common for them to squeal in normal everyday driving as they are made for heavy breaking, it's completely normal and nothing we can do apart from changing the pads! Looks like we will be buying some new pads very soon. In the meantime we have been told if used in very heavy breaking (70mph very quickly down to 10/20mph) a couple of times should help them stop squealing for a while. Thanks everyone for the advice it was very much appreciated
  9. Brake squeal

    I think so, we will double check everything again tomorrow and make sure they are
  10. Brake squeal

    They are 4pots lol. That's what Tys was originally checking for
  11. Brake squeal

    It's just at low speed when applying brake gently, mostly in traffic but if I stomp on they don't do it
  12. Brake squeal

    Yeah we cleaned and greased everything and put back together but still squealed when drove it again
  13. would 3 be wrong?

    I was thinking exactly the same lol. Definitely not too many. I'd have more if we could afford it and had room for more than one!
  14. I've got a 2006 Hawkeye Impreza and the brakes have started squealing really loud every time I brake. It seems to be coming from front passenger side. Tys has taken all callipers and pads off to see if there's any problems but all look ok. Does anyone know what it could be? Tia
  15. New addition

    Congratulations, he's gorgeous. Just wait until the toddler stage, that's when the fun really begins! Edited just to say, sorry didn't mean to quote and then didn't know how to get rid of it