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  1. Mine was clearly a low battery issue, especially in cold weather but it clears as soon as the engine has recharged a bit and doesn't reoccur during the day. I will have to replace the 7yr old battery before winter. A more concerning thing happened with another local XV. They need to access across muddy lanes and the power steering motor is low down and vulnerable to getting a load of crud around it. This guy has had to have the whole rack replaced and Subaru only part was £1200!
  2. Brilliant! It is electric power steering and the battery idea makes sense. As far as I know it's the original battery so it may be tired. I don't seem to have the issue once it's been started and run even if I've not used it all day and come back to it later. I will look into this but it seems a most plausible reason. Thank you. Will post back when I find out more.
  3. No. It fails completely with a clunk. Re-sets on restart and if i am able to only turn very slightly it stays on but when moving out of a parking space the steering input often needs to be more firm and it immediately fails fully again. I always wait until all warning lights are out before moving off. Its fine if I can get away with very little steering input and stays fine even when turning sharply after it's got moving. Very strange.
  4. Has anyone had issues with the power steering failing on XV? Early 12 plate - happens on cold start up but seems that it is maybe only when the steering needs bigger input. Will usually clear if I turn off and re-start and make sure I only need to put minimal steering in until we get moving. Very strange. Shows on diagnostics at garage as having failed but it resets fine and last visit to garage it had reset by the time they came to look at it. Getting a little annoying as I'm often parked overnight in the street and need to turn the wheel to get out of parking slot. It makes quite a loud clunk when it fails - resets on restart but fails again if you have to turn the steering more than a minimal amount.
  5. Hi people. I had an issue recently where my 12 plate XV died not long after start up. The fault came up on diagnostics as P2150 Fuel Injector Group B Supply Voltage Circuit Low Current fault which was eventually traced to a break in the loom on the bulkhead at the back of the engine where the loom went over a bracket. This was not covered by any warranty or subject to any recall in the UK so I had to pay for the repair. Just be aware that this may be a problem for other XV's.
  6. WARNING: Please be aware that this may be an issue with other XV's of the same age (12 plate). The wiring loom had chaffed through where it went over a bracket at the back of the engine, interrupting the fuel injector circuit and causing a major malfunction. This is not covered by any Subaru warranty or noted elsewhere as a recall issue so I had to pay for it myself.
  7. Was never notified by Subaru of any issues. Fault now rectified by independent garage as being P2150 Fuel Injector Group B Supply Voltage Circuit Low Current Fault. Was eventually found to be a break in the wire 'rubbed through to earth' in the main harness behind the engine. Is this the same issue and should I be in touch with Subaru UK? They have been sending stuff through about new vehicles ever since I bought the car over two years ago!
  8. A different part of the loom maybe but my 2012 XV has recently been into independent socialist as it stopped and wouldn't go. Extensive diagnostic checks revealed a break in the wiring loom through chaffing near a bracket at the rear of the engine. Fault code P2150- fuel injector Group B Supply Voltage circuit low current fault. Can this be related to the Ausie recall? Should I be in touch with Subaru UK?
  9. 68k miles. Still haven't got it back but suggested broken wire in the loom behind the engine where the loom runs around a bracket of some sort. Have heard of recalls in Australia and elsewhere for chaffing of the loom near the steering column but not this. Any ideas? Still waiting to hear if that has cured it.
  10. Local garage diagnostics not good enough so it's going to one a bit further away with more sophisticated software. Sadly Subaru can't/won't help unless I get it up there but they are also booked up. Nearest Subaru dealer is 60 miles away so I hope the more local specialist can help. Thanks for the input.
  11. Yes, still oil on the dip stick. A good 6mm at least. Had hoped all the start up warning checks would warn me first and didn't expect it to have used so much oil in the 6 months since service.
  12. Had problems with system dynamics message followed by non starting but this time it won't run even after the local garage cleared the fault. Started with me not checking the oil which was low and very black after only a couple of thou miles. Only managed a few hundred yards before it cut out and wouldn't run again. Starts but won't run for more than a few moments and rattles like hell. Is this wiring loom issue? 12 plate diesel.