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  1. Yeah, understand that although the 2.5 litre outback has similar emissions to the 2 litre XV and the road tax is the same for each in this country (from what I can see online)
  2. I see the Xv in North America is being introduced with the 2.5L petrol boxer engine..... 182 bhp and a decent increase in torque would be handy although I'm reasonably happy with my 2.0L petrol. Any news of it's going to be brought over here? I would certainly be interested in a couple of years when it comes to change especially as I now have a small caravan to tow.
  3. We love the peaks and the lakes although initially we will be looking to do some very local sites. We aren't new to caravanning,we towed with a Freelander td4 and a Saab 93 ttid but the characteristics of the petrol xv are obviously different and it's been four years since we had the last caravan so I'm no doubt rusty. Very much looking forwards to getting away in it and hoping we have bought ahead of the curve. Hopefully you will be getting out to your family lodge at the same time too.
  4. Collected our new caravan today,it's a lightweight Swift Basecamp which comes in at 1000kg fully loaded so it was towed surprisingly well by the Xv whilst bringing it home. It's going to be a driveway warrior,however,until we can actually venture out again into the peak District however and get some overnight stays in.
  5. Yeah,it's just a bit of fun which encourages brand loyalty I suppose
  6. Basically,you send your vin number to Subaru on a application together with the activity badges you are interested in and the number of subaru's you have owned and they send you out the set of badges for free. I'm a Subaru noob so I asked my friend in the states to order me the my first Subaru badge together with the activity badges you can see. Unfortunately they won't accept European vin numbers,hence the convoluted way I had to go about it,using my anerican friends vin number.
  7. Managed to obtain a set of Subaru ownership badges from a good friend in Canada and received and fitted them today. Very pleased with them,it's a shame Subaru UK don't have the same scheme running here.
  8. i already had a solar charger which plugged into the 12v socket but as we know,thats no good for the xv or indeed my sons corsa which,if not used for a few days,goes flat. Reluctant to spend forty quid or so on buying another charger with the obd attachment i looked on amazon and found a female 12v socket with an obd socket on the other end for just over fifteen spondulas .I had a quick chat online with the seller and he assurred me that it would be perfect to adapt my existing solar charger for use on our cars. So i ordered one last week and fitted it to my sons corsa initially (worth less than my xv,so a more suitable test bed!) I had to cut away a small portion of hidden trim in the vauxhall to allow it full acess to the obd port (the adaptor has the wires protruding from the side,not the back) but it was a two minute job. It seems to be working but ill check it properly tomorrow.
  9. I very nearly bought a levorg before the xv,so I went on the levorg forums...and yes,it was like a desert! The only reason I didn't get a levorg was that I couldn't get a 2018 model when I was looking last year. Pretty pleased I hung on now however as I like the updated infotainment and softer suspension of the xv. The 1.6 turbo would have been nice though.
  10. Clearly not a thing in the UK then.... Got to say,this forum seems to reflect the low sales of xv's in the UK..... extremely quiet other than for one or two posters.
  11. Great idea,one of my neighbours lent me theirs when my son's corsas battery was flat recently (again)....couldn't believe such a tiny device could boost it so well. Ordered one myself as a result.
  12. I know the levorg has this fitted..it was commented on by a tester on YouTube so presumably it's on the xv too
  13. Installed my dashcam today,thought it would be a nightmare but was easy in the end. Mounted on the upper far end of the passenger side of the windscreen,then fed it through the rubber seal,down the the glovebox,under there and then inside the centre console trim into the centre console box where the 12 volt socket lives. Just a basic nextbase 112 but it works really well,turns itself on and off when starting and stopping and has a knock sensor too.
  14. Any uk owners had a roof basket fitted? I really fancy one,partly for the looks,partly because they will add a lot more luggage capacity when we go camping... Any recommendations/pictures of their xv's with them fitted? I'm a bit conflicted between cheaper versions on Amazon that seem to look great and come with roof racks and a thule system that are no doubt fantastic quality but mega expensive!
  15. I'll be keeping the xv for about five years (well,that's the plan) so it would take a phenomenal offer to change that but when I do,it will undoubtedly be for a full electric car so I hope that Subaru brings out a flat 4 electric motor by then 😂 To be honest though,we have sold one of our two cars and are using the xv as our everyday,do everything,workhorse so I'm happy with our mpg to date (36 combined),I'm savings fortune already on servicing,insurance,tax etc. By the way,I absolutely love this car,I can't find anything to dislike.