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  1. Well,I cancelled the formentor I had ordered as I still had no build slot in sight. I replaced it with......a cupra formentor 245 phev that was in stock! Collecting it in a couple of weeks.
  2. I may have a look at the RAV4, especially as you are so impressed with yours. I'll keep.you updated
  3. If it ever arrives...... Two unconfirmed build slots for it have been cancelled and I have no idea when it will be made. The Xv has 13 months of mot,new tyres and brakes and is running beautifully. Seriously thinking of just keeping it and cancelling the cupra especially with winter approaching where the Subaru excels. Its still a great car after all.
  4. Yes,all sorted along with the mouse attacked gaitor and a 13 months MOT (thought I'd have it done early whilst it was in the garage). Going to miss the car when it goes,but Subaru have missed a trick not offering a more powerful version like the 2.5 they offer in the states or a turbo charged XT version.
  5. Thanks Ernie....it's a cupra formentor vz2 310 4wd.
  6. Well the Scooby's booked in again for it's brakes..... This time they are knocking twice during braking at any speed. The garage says that the pads fitted are slightly too small and moving under braking. In addition my front left CV gaitor has been nibbled by mice and needs replacing. Unfortunately my new car has not yet been built and I don't get it until December.
  7. In the end and because during service the wear to my pads was completely missed,Subaru derby eventually sent out a set of the correct pads f.o.c. I must admit the episode dented my faith in Subaru's famed dealer quality but at least they tried to make amends in the end.
  8. That's way above the quoted range,well done
  9. That looks great Ernie and a very fetching colour.I like it.
  10. That's shocking...Subaru need to up their game not drop the ball. Tiny model range,poor warranty in comparison to the opposition isn't going to help their sales figures.
  11. I think further down it states a five year power train only warranty as well.
  12. Just another quick point..the Subaru warranty is five years,although the last two cover the power train only I believe.
  13. Just to echo Ernie's post,I agree with all he says there๐Ÿ‘ The Xv is such a great car to drive..a fantastic ride,Lovely steering and a very solid chassis all round. The tech is excellent with probably the best active cruise control and safety systems out there. The only downsides to me were the cost of services,some rarity of parts (I had a bit of a mare getting pads from anywhere other than the dealer) and the very limited range of engines,all of which are a little weak in comparison to the competition but make up for it by being exceptionally smooth..you almost feel as if you are driving an electric car when you have the stereo on. Like Ernie,I'm moving on later in the year to another make,purely because I want a bit more performance which Subaru can't offer.
  14. I do like your new motor too Ernie,rapid as well!
  15. Loved the Subaru Ernie,but I planned to move on once it was three and I wanted more torque than the Xv could offer,esp as we tow with it now. If there had been a Xv xt or similar out there I would have gone for one of those but as we know,Subaru's range is now extremely limited and their prices are high in comparison with other manufacturers,esp in terms of pcps and leasing..they just can't compete. Plenty if time for me to carry on enjoying my time with the xv until the formentor is delivered anyway plus I'll hope to sell it to an enthusiastic Subaru driver when it goes ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
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