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  1. I know the levorg has this fitted..it was commented on by a tester on YouTube so presumably it's on the xv too
  2. Installed my dashcam today,thought it would be a nightmare but was easy in the end. Mounted on the upper far end of the passenger side of the windscreen,then fed it through the rubber seal,down the the glovebox,under there and then inside the centre console trim into the centre console box where the 12 volt socket lives. Just a basic nextbase 112 but it works really well,turns itself on and off when starting and stopping and has a knock sensor too.
  3. Any uk owners had a roof basket fitted? I really fancy one,partly for the looks,partly because they will add a lot more luggage capacity when we go camping... Any recommendations/pictures of their xv's with them fitted? I'm a bit conflicted between cheaper versions on Amazon that seem to look great and come with roof racks and a thule system that are no doubt fantastic quality but mega expensive!
  4. I'll be keeping the xv for about five years (well,that's the plan) so it would take a phenomenal offer to change that but when I do,it will undoubtedly be for a full electric car so I hope that Subaru brings out a flat 4 electric motor by then 😂 To be honest though,we have sold one of our two cars and are using the xv as our everyday,do everything,workhorse so I'm happy with our mpg to date (36 combined),I'm savings fortune already on servicing,insurance,tax etc. By the way,I absolutely love this car,I can't find anything to dislike.
  5. They do sell the phev in the u.s so I'll try and get the figures....it's still awd. I think a full electric version might be some way off and will probably be a clean sheet design. I suspect Subaru won't wish to sacrifice awd in any future car though,it's a major usp for the brand but who knows?
  6. I've noticed that the north American market has introduced a plugin variant of the xv but the UK has only the standard,not very useful,hybrid. I personally would be very keen in the plug in version for my next Subaru so I wonder why it hasn't been introduced here or when it's coming. I'm sure it would boost Subaru sales significantly.
  7. Yeah,exactly!! The bumper protector obviously has to be put down to open the cages,so any mistimed jumps hit that instead.
  8. Had my tailgate guard fitted to the xv....I already had the official UK dog guard installed,together with a boot protector. Pretty pleased with the combination,keeps the boot nice and clean and the dogs nice and secure. No rattles either.
  9. First long run and towbar on. Still loving it!!!
  10. Another quick observation....picked my wife up late last night from work and found the hheadlights to be fantastic and doesn't the auto high/low beam work well...very impressed as the led lights on my Bmw were appalling.
  11. She's arrived! I've had a drive and my initial thoughts are that it's an exceptionally smooth drive,it's got ample get up and go,the gearbox is far,far better than the mags would have you believe and the stereo is brilliant both in sound quality and usability. I'll do a proper report once I've had her a while but I'm very pleased up to now.
  12. Well she arrives this afternoon,ridiculously excited 😂
  13. Not at all,I'm a cvt virgin so I appreciate the tips.
  14. Thank you for that and yes,I'm sure we will. it's going to quite a change for us,I've had a six cylinder bmw m140i for the past year and have never liked the car sadly,I respected it but didn't love it,if that makes sense.....not me at all and a rash purchase in retrospect. Prior that,I had a wonderful Saab 93 aero for five years and a very useful freelander sport for the five years prior to that. the Saab on particular had fantastic headlights and seats,something which I hope the Subaru will emulate together with a big dose of practicality. can't wait.
  15. Good to hear....I'm a big fan of waze and of Android auto so I'm looking forwards to using both in the near future. any issues with your xv since your last post on it,I find your extensive reports extremely informative. My xv isnt brand new,it's a late 2018 premium se which has come direct from Subaru hq so I'm hoping it will have had the map updates etc but we shall see!