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  1. That's way above the quoted range,well done
  2. That looks great Ernie and a very fetching colour.I like it.
  3. That's shocking...Subaru need to up their game not drop the ball. Tiny model range,poor warranty in comparison to the opposition isn't going to help their sales figures.
  4. I think further down it states a five year power train only warranty as well.
  5. Just another quick point..the Subaru warranty is five years,although the last two cover the power train only I believe.
  6. Just to echo Ernie's post,I agree with all he says there๐Ÿ‘ The Xv is such a great car to drive..a fantastic ride,Lovely steering and a very solid chassis all round. The tech is excellent with probably the best active cruise control and safety systems out there. The only downsides to me were the cost of services,some rarity of parts (I had a bit of a mare getting pads from anywhere other than the dealer) and the very limited range of engines,all of which are a little weak in comparison to the competition but make up for it by being exceptionally almost feel as if you a
  7. I do like your new motor too Ernie,rapid as well!
  8. Loved the Subaru Ernie,but I planned to move on once it was three and I wanted more torque than the Xv could offer,esp as we tow with it now. If there had been a Xv xt or similar out there I would have gone for one of those but as we know,Subaru's range is now extremely limited and their prices are high in comparison with other manufacturers,esp in terms of pcps and leasing..they just can't compete. Plenty if time for me to carry on enjoying my time with the xv until the formentor is delivered anyway plus I'll hope to sell it to an enthusiastic Subaru driver when it goes ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
  9. I was,but I've decided,because of our caravan to have one more fun petrol car before I go full electric next that time we plan to give up the tin shed and go for slightly more comfy holidays. As such I've decided to bypass a plug in hybrid for the moment. So,I've ordered the Cupra Formentor and delivery is September due to it being a factory order with a retractable tow bar etc. By that time the xv will be three and ready for its first mot. See what you have done Ernie,I've told my wife it's your fault!
  10. I've actually been looking at a Cupra Formentor Ernie,some great deals on them at the moment and nippy little thing's
  11. They sent the wrong ones. Finally had some delivered later in the day after another wasted morning at the mechanics. So back on the road with a set of new Michelin's too I must admit I'm looking around for my next car at the moment.
  12. The pads have arrived from the dealer,looking forwards to getting them fitted and back on the road.
  13. The number of people who have asked me firstly what make it was and secondly that they had never seen one before! Most people are very complimentary about it but it shows how crap the Subaru p.r system us here!
  14. I've lost two local dealers since then,so I'm surprised some more have appeared somewhere.
  15. Yes,the trouble is that it will so expensive here,either to buy or lease that everyone will buy Toyota instead.
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