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  1. Hi I do think it might be 'torque converter / clutch beginning to lock-up' and only one Subaru mechanic said it could be CVT and when car was first looked at by a different subaru mechanic, they said they could not find the noise (back then, it would take 24 hours for car to be sitting before you got the noise and now it 5 minutes). Temperature has no effect on it, I could have been driving a hour, go to ATM, come back get noise or left car standing overnight and get same noise. I be taking car back in, in the new year to get issues fixed.
  2. I have about 12k on it but this noise first started after 3 months of having the car. The car would have to sit over 24 hours to get the noise, so I thought it was just brakes rusted. Now it happens within 5 minutes of engine being switched off - issue does not occur if I sit in car for 15 minutes with engine left running. I have told Subaru this as well. I'm just after further ideas on what the issue could be since it ties in directly with speed. Clutch or something fully engaging at 7/8mph maybe?
  3. Yea, that high pitch got on my nerves, plus I did not want to push in and damage gear lever release tab. (I taken out high pitch noise out of video - no point leaving as it does not help) That noise at 7mph, grinding is the only terminology I can provide from my experience. In your opinion, from the crappy video, I drive down a street for wee bit, so brakes/disk do a few full rotations and when accelerate upto 7/8mph, i get that noise - do you think it can be the brakes as Subaru states it is? (listening to it youtube now, it does sound a drum/boink noise)
  4. Hi I got my XV last year and put on new Crossclimate tyres and both front inner are down to 3.4mm after 11k miles. Should a new car need an alignment done? I had read online, apparently BMW was really bad for not doing alignment on new cars, so should you get an alignment done on new car?
  5. Here a terrible video I quickly made of the issue
  6. During winter, having your car under body washed well help keep corrosion down (I think). I tend to have mind washed every two weeks in winter, just to keep road salt at minimum on the under body. Your are correct about the pads being very pricy at Subaru
  7. Daily Mail: Urgent recall of Subaru cars.
  8. Well, finally tested car on a hill with engine turned off, in neutral and no grinding noise. At bottom of hill, turn engine on, 7mph, grinding noise - can't see how this can be breaks. I have also tested with engine on but in neutral and got grinding noise, I wonder if it's CVT or Central/rear clutch? Next, I need to purchase a small MP3 recorder and attach it to CVT to if picks up beginning noise louder than what I hear.
  9. Drove about three football pitches without touching gas pedal (2-6mph), got grinding noise at 7mph. This why I thought it can't be breaks, as they been through a few full rotations and issue occurs in reverse as well but not as loud. I been meaning to test on a hill in neutral but keep forgetting when I'm off work. 😩 Added to calendar for next week, when I'm off.
  10. Realised something the other day, the grinding noise at 7mph only happens when then engine/car been off for about 3-5 minutes. Left card in idle for 10 minutes with hand brake on and no grinding noise at 7mph. Switch car off for 5 minutes with handbrake off and parked, started up - grinding noise at 7mph. I have also slammed brakes on at 3-6 mph to loosen them up, grind noise at 7mph but not when car was left idling for 10 mins . I can not see how this can be brake related. Going to purchase a small microphone and strick round chassis, to see if I can locate the noise!
  11. How are they going to know? I had all four tyres changed - so is that not classed as a lift?
  12. Not really, they said its from 'Front brake discs being lipped' but I had this issue 3 months after purchasing car; where issue would take 12 hours to reoccur, it now only takes 5 minutes. I had asked, so would this not be covered by warranty since a few hundred miles had only went on the clock? No, wear and tear. When issue got worse and only occured after the car had been standing overnight - Subaru had the car for two days and issue was not found and no issue reported for the brakes. Now, they did say my alignment was out, so got that fixed and the grinding noise at 7mph has actually reduced by half. They also said my seat does not squeak; so sent them a sound file as proof and just got a replay today, 'I can hear noise from the seat probably going to need you to come in and produce the noise whilst my technician is there so we can try and locate the exact location where noise is coming from'. Here a copy of noise for your enjoyment 🙂 Going to get brakes replaced at local garage - it be a lot cheaper.
  13. I left it just in park mode (no hand brake on), same thing. I been planning to park on a hill for a bit and drive in neutral to rule out CVT etc. It's in service in a few hours, so we see how it goes.
  14. Cheers all for the feedback. The other night, pulled up to a ATM, got back in car and grind noise at 7mph again. I am hoping the can fix it and other issues I got now (seat creaks/cracks when turning right, the odd metal rattle noise (like a old heat shield on a exhaust, where one corner came loose) and see if they can water shield boot button (as last winter it froze solid and took 6 hours before I could open boot). Hope I don't get a another Mitsubishi loaner - would love a Outback loner. 😁
  15. Hi I am after some advice on a issue I have? I have a 2018/2019 XVB here in the UK and going to dealership this Monday for the second service before winter and to ask them to look into a grinding noise i get at 7mph but only occurs when the car been sitting for bit. This started about 3-6 months after having the car and car would have to sit overnight for grinding noise (bit like break descent control but not as loud) to occur (at that time, I thought it was brakes sticking as you could see rust on brake disk) but now it occuring after car been sitting for about 5 minutes now. It louder when driving forward vs driving in reverse. Dealership are unable to locate noise and a few of them said they can not hear it - which u cant in a noisy environment or if got radio on. Any idea why it always 7mph? Could it be Multi Plate Clutch Pack engaging? I am unable to pinpoint the noise and sounds louder inside the car than out. Regards Gary