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  1. Hi Just found out about this app, that can monitor CVT temp etc. so thought I share it with you all. 🙂
  2. Yea, see how it goes net winter; if we have one.
  3. Hi For the first time, last week when it was about -3c, I could not open by boot. (Not the coldest it been out in either) The press button for the boot, felt frozen solid and after a few hours of driving, it loosen up but it still would not make that sound to say latch unlock. So I popped into my Subaru dealer (boot switch was now working) and had a quick word with a mechanic - solution, pour warm water over handle above latch to loosen electric switch up. Since Subaru XV 2018 models have no other way of releasing the boot; not via key fob and there no boot release handle inside either, this is big concern if that button breaks!
  4. Nice. When I purchased my XV, the only accessories they had at the time where for the Impreza & XV. Would have liked to got parking sensors as part of the deal, as rear camera get covered in dirt quite easily. Love the tyres 😊
  5. Can't believe Subaru wanted £60 to remove a few plugs and screw in a few bolts! Took about 30 minutes to do all four. NB: need to get car washed!!!
  6. 😁 thought it might be best to start a new thread for tyres
  7. I bought my Michelin crossclimate tyres from here.
  8. They do have the mountain snow flake and I need to wash my rims/car. 😁
  9. Why Subaru have done there own version, I have no idea (or maybe to force customer into purchasing their own OEM versions)
  10. Here the only place I could get them cheap(Approximately £9.17); without going OEM which is about £35:
  11. There also a notch on both sides - still searching 🙂