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  1. Are you getting them done for free, since they are not the correct ones?
  2. Would that not mean my water level should be dropping but it's never needing topped of?
  3. I am glad and hopefully these will last longer 🙂
  4. Got my sorted today for £290 Pads colour match Subaru logo 😁 Still way cheaper than dealer for one wheel and I got both done.
  5. Glad to hear you got your sorted. Mine ay garage trust and wrong ones come, now that said they order new ones but it's an extra £100, so price went from £150 to £250 for front pads and discs - still pondering if I should do it myself. (Still way cheaper than dealer who no longer doing Subaru. So closet dealer now is 32 miles away).
  6. That's an idea Just had mine MOT and passed but they did warn front pads are getting low. Subaru wanted £450 to replace 1 front left pad and disc (disc limped as well but I am a heavy breaker). Back ones are fine. Might get a few quotes from garage's for parts and service - so if they are the wrong ones, it's there hassle, not mine. MOT ATS for £25 in February 2021
  7. Cheers but no, the 2018 version using different parts to past models unfortunately. A lot of places are presuming it's the same but it's not 🙁
  8. I was wondering if there a Japan web site I can go to for Subaru parts? Maybe I can get parts number of there web site. I tried googling but not had much look.
  9. I did but they were all wrong but they were great, give a full refund and made a note of issue (but that was last year).
  10. Hi Any recommendations on where to get front brake pads and discs from? I had purchased from eBay and europarts for my 2018 XV but they were the wrong size. Asked dealership for sizes and they refused and would not give Subaru part numbers either.
  11. I hear water gurgling when driving in rain from passenger side dashboard but now think it water being said trap near door seal. Never had it with I had a passenger in, so unsure exactly where the noise coming from. It changes pitch when I increase speed. (Unsure if it's relaited to your issue and no fix but never checked for drain channels and plastic cover in corner (outside) between engine bonnet and windscreen was not clipped properly before issue started - XV 2018)
  12. Mine got 5 years, 3 years on electrical and 5 on engine, CVT, drive shaft etc And they had always advertised 5 years when I been on there web site.
  13. I see Subaru are now only comming with three year warranties - that's bad! I would never get a new vehicle with such low warranty.
  14. Where I live, we still had no snow that lasted more than a few hours, so it did lay on the ground ☹️, as my tyres now have near 18,000 miles on them and interested hours well they handle snow now.
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