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  1. Why on earth would this site have links to dating hot Asians. This is the final straw for me . This is supposed to be an official Subaru site but looks to me to be financed by Advertising and Volunteer mods that only ever take an occasional look . Correct me if i am wrong. Goodbye.
  2. Response from the site mods/Admin to this thread speaks volumes.
  3. Thanks for the advice Didier but when i want to search for posts/Info on my particular model i cant seem to get there without trolling through reams of posts about drive shaft upgrades for a 1999 classic. some of the threads are going back to 2015 which may be useful to some but after 20 years of ownership of 4 different model years it is a tad frustrating. Take a look at piston heads and the categories are simple and direct you to brand and model year with little effort. Perhaps a mod can help me better navigate. Just a grumble but i do want to support this site. My two penneth.
  4. I've attended this show over the years with TVR car club. Any Body here interested in booking a subaru/ jap car section let me know. We need at least a dozen cars in order for chris to be interested. check out cars in the park for previous events.
  5. Why is this site so difficult to navigate !!! Why can i not just find parts for sale or cars for sale or model questions without having to go through google ADs ? I have been a member for a year now and the only great feature of being a member is the Halfords Card !
  6. Unfortunately it does sound like a common fault as the coil packs degrade. Not a massively expensive fix iirc and given that the car is 12 years old not an out of the ordinary issue. get it fixed and youv'e got another 10 years of fun ahead.
  7. Nice Exhaust Pixy Flash, I bid on a pair of scorpion back boxes earlier this year which i won and they have made a nice difference to the exhaust note but not as much as i would like. Once out of warranty will look at having Y piece and centre pipe manufactured but still feel the silencers are over large ( the original back boxes are huge as you know). would you please keep the forum updated with feedback, video and sound clips if you can. Cheers AJZ
  8. must admit that following the tuning scene in the states for this model it is apparent that most tuners delete the software for the TPMS in order to play around with tyre/wheel size without this problem. Unfortunately its an MOT fail in the UK. Guess its a suck it and see situation.
  9. Many thanks. Thats just about what i was thinking. just checking pressures on a weekly basis for peace of mind. cheers Norrie.
  10. Thanks for the info Pixy Flash. Just started a thread with regards to changing wheels and tyres and the TPMS system. Any words of wisdom ? I see you have Michelin cross climates fitted at present any feedback you could give ? Thanks, going to order the spacers as you are right about the perfect offset to fill the arches.
  11. Recently acquired a second set of OE rims for my 2015 STI and the plan is to fit a set of winter tyres for use in the worst of the weather months. Need some advice on the purchase, fitting and linking of a set of TPMS valves that would be able to connect with the Subaru system on my vehicle. Is it a dealer only job to sort or are there generic systems that are compatible. Thanks in advance for any advice. Happy New year to you all.
  12. oh and the wheel spacers your wheels seem to fill the arches with the 15mm spacers, how have you found the drive after ?
  13. The head unit you are using with sat nav etc, was it expensive or difficult to fit. would like a more user friendly infotainment system in my MY 2015 STI. Was any damage done to the dash board ?
  14. you can spend £100,'s on some waxes but in my opinion if we are living with real world cars on a daily basis then 666 or autoglym hard waxes are great. can be smothered on by hand and last a few weeks between polishes with a great sense of protecting the paint through massaging the bodywork, sorry that sounds a bit over the top . But you can get an overall coverage with a sense of satisfaction and then spend so much little time polishing with a dry micro towel to a perfect finish.