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  1. Hi yeah I got all the parts inc pillar pod, basically just need em plumbing and wiring up. Where hours are you? Ta
  2. Hi I have one ivw just taken off my hawkeye, recon itl fit, will take £35 for it inc postage. Ta pm me for details
  3. Hi all, new to the subaru scene so pardon me if I'm being silly, on most other card when u turn headlights on a dash light will come on showing this..so you know if they are on or not..(helpful in day time) however I cant see any on my wrx, should there be one? Also my front fog light switch doesnt illuminate but when I press it it takes a while to switch on and then the fogs do light and the switch illuminates...is this normal? Thanks in advance
  4. Hi, I'm new to the scene and would like to know if there is anyone near me that could help me out in fitting (plumbing in) two gauges ive bought for my wrx (boost and oil) i will gladly pay and feed and water lol. I'm in gilberdyke (east York's ) near hull..or if not does any one know where I could get it done? Ta