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  1. If anyone else was considering or wondered my findings. Baring in mind this is all calculus and estimated... The tyres I mentioned before are a pretty close match when changing from a 17inch to 15. If you are to select a tyre ratio higher or lower than 70 this throws the speedometer off too much.
  2. Hi, I've had my XV coming up to 2 years now and decided to put some life back into it and add the same time upgrade. Aiming to give the car more off road capability, look badass but at the same time use as a daily and eventually road trips. first aim is to get new rims but someone mentioned to me, if I was to get a smaller rim it could throw off my speedometer when driving daily. I'm looking at 15" BLACK RHINO ARCHES (15x7, 15 positive offset & 5X100 bolt pattern) and adding 225/70R15 tyres. Not only cheaper but allows for more tire in the wheel arch. I'm not looking to lift it just yet. Stock rims and tyres are 17" XV Rims (17x7, 35 positive offset & 5x100 bolt pattern) with 225/55R17 tyres. Please could someone confirm where this would throw out my speedometer, if so any recommendations and anything else I might need to know? Also know any good places to buy the Rims I want? Cheapest I've found is £884 from LK Performance. Thank you!
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