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  2. Double Locking

    do you mean disable the function completely ? if so, there's nothing in my manual. maybe someone here knows different, or maybe a dealer could help ? the d/l is auto disabled when entering the car using the remote. (or the key in door lock) and reset likewise.
  3. Yesterday
  4. Hello!

    Thumbs up to the classic. Welcome. Pictures are welcome too!
  5. Double Locking

    Anyone know if you can turn off the double locking system on the Outback with keyless entry please?

    Think BH5 is the chassis code... Since it's a 2l I'm guessing it will be an EJ non turbo engine, not exactly a gutsy engine in NA form. Might be a good idea to check the condition of the air filter
  7. Subaru Forrester STI parts for sale

    The steering wheel is sold
  8. Subaru Forrester STI parts for sale

    Hi, How much for the steering wheel and do you have pics?

    Hello, I've acquired my wife's Legacy Estate, 2003, 2L, 60k miles, engine type BH5? Compared to my old Nissan Primera 2.2L t/c diesel, the Legacy seems very sluggish when accelerating and is reluctant to hold at 80 mph. What do I do to check that all is working properly and are there any basic mods that will liven it up a bit? thanks in anticipation, RF
  10. 2015 SE premium lineartronic vs 2016 manual

    Hi Fast Pat and welcome to the forum. I have a 2015 SE Premium Lineartronic and I can't fault the gearbox. It is really smooth and doesn't feel like a CVT. At the end of the day it comes down to personal preference - some people like automatics and some prefer manuals. Personally I would go for the automatic every time. Of course with the Lineartronic you have the best of both worlds as you can drive it in manual mode if you want to, using the gearstick or the paddles. Whichever model you choose I am sure you won't be disappointed in the Outback. Mine is the best car I have ever owned.
  11. Slight knock under light load

    Well, I’ve been driving my car now for 60k and the last week or so I’ve noticed that there’s a slight knock coming from the engine, only dies it under light load so gentle accelerating up to about 2200rpm is quite noticeable but not at when off the throttle or when at full or heavy throttle. Not feeling too comfortable about the outcome of this, knocking noises from a modern diesel can’t be a good thing!! car is in tomorrow to get checked out.
  12. no personal experience on those newish models but i've heard some folk loving the autos and others hating the cvt... not much help i know,,plenty reviews online,,assume you've driven both so i guess you'll figure your preference !
  13. Last week
  14. GC8 Brake diagram

    Thanks! And unfortunately that is the wiring diagram, I'm after a schematic for the actual brake lines, with the booster etc so I can plan a transplant from a none ABS motor. Proving very difficult! I will get some pictures then... Thanks again! :)
  15. Well i've decided that i'm going to pull the engine out over the winter and do the head gaskets as its still using a little coolant and theres no evidence of an external leak also the crank seals are a bit damp so will get them aswell, will steam clean the engine while its out so its all nice and shiney clean 😎 its doing my head in that its all dirty, getting a loan of a folding engine crane so i can get the engine in the back of the car and take it to work and i'll get it on the bench and do it in my limited spare time
  16. GC8 Brake diagram

    Welcome to the club bud, not sure of this is right or not Oh and we like pics of said motor 😁😁
  17. GC8 Brake diagram

    Hi All, New to the forum so bear with if i'm posting this in the wrong place! and thanks in advance. Im deleting ABS from my 96' GC8, and would find a brake line schematic for an ABS and none ABS GC8 very helpful, however I cant find one anywhere! Anyone got any ideas? Cheers
  18. Hello!

    Hi there, Owner of an Impreza Classic "Project"... intention is to have some fun doing club rallies etc. Cheers Corey!
  19. make sure it fits flush correctly
  20. Holy MPG Batman!!

    Got a total of 350mi and it took 11.3 gal to fill.
  21. What Clutch To Get?

    Yeah spoke to RA Motorsports they said the pink box is good for over400ld-ft. What's the purpose of skimming the flywheel.
  22. key issue, one button Lock/unlock

    It should start car if use pin code turn alarm off or other fob from distance (don't want that transponder near steering switch) . Not that common for transponder chip (scan key) play up but would be wise check it starts car fine before proceeding . button fault on the fob board is quite common though, I get at least 2 fob issues a month from the sigma alarms. pretty simple swap parts and program in new fob. alarm guide below that maybe helpful .
  23. Hello everyone, new prospective owner here. Currently narrowed down choice to a October 2015 SE PREMIUM LINEARTRONIC with 20,000 miles or June 2016 SE PREMIUM manual with 13,500 miles - both for the same money. Personnally I'm tempted to go for the auto with all those shiney extras, but what's the collective wisdom as to which represents the best value for money. Thanks in advance (and anticipation!) Pat
  24. always better just to confirm mate, dont want a nasty surprise ;)
  25. What Clutch To Get?

    Other sites have that clutch and they state it can hold 40% more power than stock.
  26. key issue, one button Lock/unlock

    should still start the car even without the remote :S
  27. need to fond out exactly what the clutch is rated too, that looks pretty much like stock power levels rated.
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