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  1. JAE

    I'll put a post on my page on Facebook see if drum up any others.
  2. Dirt Rally

    If I Remember mine did the same thing. once I looked at the setting was easy fix
  3. Japfest Silverstone 30th April 2017

    Hopefully next year I'll be back on the stands :(
  4. Dirt Rally

    I was going to say should be fine.
  5. hi gambit does this forum let you post a car for sale if its not a subaru if so how do i do it cheers shaggy

  6. JapShow 2017 Santa Pod - Sunday 9th July

    Still plenty of tickets and passes guys/gals. Just pm @GeoffLeggy
  7. Battlefield 1

    Oh great. Mind you it's EA I wouldn't expect anything less lol.
  8. post list order

    Thought so was just checking as its the only thing ive stopprd using. All I do is click the last page number. But I might use the forum different. I don't use the new post notification I just look at all the threads individually.
  9. wildlands beta access

    Had 3 of my mates message me earlier funny enough needing a 4th man. But I'm still loaning my lad my Pc It's just like division for me just a bit better open world. But same with division it's soloable if that's a word but I just like the crack with mates especially when it goes Titsey up and every starts blaming each other.
  10. Battlefield 1

    Well I have all 3. And play all 3 so I can't say to much.
  11. Dirt Rally

    Yeah you'll love both games mate with the wheel really does change the game. I understand people who just play for a bit of fun or don't have space for a wheel set up but if you play loads of car games it's the future
  12. post list order

    You using tapatalk?
  13. good humble this month

    I've got Arma 3 but only got it for the dayz mod
  14. wildlands beta access

    I had and played the beta enjoyed it but like the division I think is is definitely a game that you need regular players online with to get the most out of it.
  15. Battlefield 1

    Just bought a copy of this today on xbone. So see how it goes. Been loving battlefront on ps4.