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  1. Hi I have a mint forge bow if interested.
  2. Hi not sure if it’s your interested but I’ve got a de-res centre section and a very nice sti genome back box both in great condition, removed from my gb270 after only a month of putting it on. (Went for a 3” straight though) cheers bandit.
  3. Jody I've still got the one I offered up for sale, only reason I haven't sold it as people wanted it for nothing, and I know how hard they are to find a good one.
  4. bandit


    Yeah I also received a letter beginning of last year,waited about three months then got a call to have it replaced,only took 20 minutes and they also gave the car a health check! Job done.
  5. Fancy this one it sounds like a good weekend, keep me informed. Cheers bandit.
  6. Hi gambit it's bandit, sorry it's been a while and apologies for my lack of support last year, but had a busy time at work so the car shows were out of the question. I'm up for the Santa pod japfest so put my name Down for two tickets,may be four, and I'll got on the club stand if where having one. Jap show is a possible but will have to check I'm not working? If I'm not I'll be there. Hopefully I'll be at a few more this year, fingers crossed. Catch you soon pal. Bandit.
  7. Will let you have the gasket for that price!!!!!!!!
  8. Open to offers, as long as there not to silly ? There both in mint condition . Really lovely burble .
  9. Hi. yes I have one that was fitted to my prodrive back box, but I'm wanting to sell it with a sti genome jdm back box. lovely deep rumble.
  10. Yes got to admit it was a great day and a good venue, a bit on the chilly side. I too managed to keep my cash in my pocket (for a change) A great variety of cars on the stand which was good, and a big shout out for the parking attendant (boots) great job fella. Hope everyone got back home safe till next time. Cheers .
  11. Oh come on, surely they can't mess the first one of the year up If any one interested, I have a STI genome back box and centre section exhaust and forge dump valve up for grabs, all in mint condition.
  12. Just call one of us and we can bring the car pass over to you, then just drive onto the stand mate ?