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  1. I'll try attach what I've got. Bear in mind it's for a UK 3.0 Outback. You'll be looking for section 3.22 or thereabouts. 2006 Subaru Legacy Owners Manual.pdf
  2. Not sure if this is what you want to hear, extract from my owners manual. What was the actual code? Fault codes don't as a rule go away by themselves, the seller/dealer shouldn't have fobbed you off. VDC extract.pdf
  3. Great, glad it's sorted
  4. Good job. Pity it's based on LHD cars.
  5. @Hazel How many discs do you have and are you trying them in the dvd drive in the cubbyhole, or in the cd player slot?
  6. Confirm you have a disc in the drive for the satnav? You could try a reset, there should be a small hole on the face near the disc loading slot - push a paper clip or pin there to reset the drive. The drive ought to be in the glove box/cubby.
  7. It should not need reprogramming.
  8. Integrated radios are usually paired with the ECM, so may need dealer help. Is this set the original for this car?
  9. Are the front drive shafts original? They should have green-coloured cups (nearest the diff) - if they are black or any colour other than green, they could be the problem.
  10. Pin Torx, also called a security Torx. Available in any good tool store, even Machine Mart.
  11. Obviously a code stored, some sensor is giving readings out of spec. Wouldn't surprise me if it's the DPF.
  12. It'll be as long as you want it to be!
  13. Results were excellent, would pass MOT flying colours.
  14. Took it for an emissions test, wanted to know if the cheapy eBay exhaust I bought and installed had compromised emissions. Went to the local Subaru agents, then an indy garage who did it for £10. Subaru workshop reception gave me a price of £64.90 - yes, you read that right - more than a full MOT, for just 10 minutes doing an emissions test!
  15. Aren't those cameras measuring speed by GPS? I'd call that claim about calibration - b*llsh1t!