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  1. tyre change !

    Speedo will be off. Cruising, engine revs wil be lower so may benefit fuel consumption. Not sure about tyre rubbing.
  2. Air Filter Damage.

    Seriously odd. No clue how that would happen.
  3. Dashcams?

    Yep, both register speed.
  4. Hi all :) a little bit of advice

    Not far from me!
  5. Hi all :) a little bit of advice

    Reason I asked about the K&N filter is if the previous owner had fitted one, and oiled it/never cleaned it etc it could have messed with the MAF. Sort the MAF, check the air filter and your idle/running could well improve.
  6. Hi all :) a little bit of advice

    Your MAF sensor error - 500 seems rich! Have you tried cleaning it (contact spray cleaner)? Is it running a K&N filter?
  7. Hi all :) a little bit of advice

    Looks way too good for the scrapyard. Should realise a few thou.
  8. Hi all :) a little bit of advice


    The ABS light comes on with the check engine light purely as additional warning - does not mean the problem is with the ABS/brakes. Simply emphasize that a sensor is out of spec. Needs the codes to be read.
  10. Air Filter Damage.

    Curious. Got any photos?
  11. Shift changes issue might be influenced by either low/or overfilled tranny fluid or the condition of it. Good fresh fluid might sort it. It also may be affected by the fault codes - the engine ecu talks to the tcu.
  12. @MrD You need to know the Legacy and the Outback are different cars. The OB has greater ground clearance and additional plastic body plastic panels underneath as well as the visible bits along door panels etc. while the Leggy is better suited for normal road work. Similar platform overall though. The v belt pulleys should be changed at 100k. Tensioner on this and the timing chain when a) the former is losing tension, and b) when the chain starts getting noisy (actually there are two timing chains) would need changing if symptoms emerge. Wheel bearings sometimes give problems around 100k and above. Otherwise, the motors generally don't give problems, the gap in service you mention wouldn't worry me unduly.
  13. Outback 3.0 '03-'09 Buying advice

    Reasonably so except for it's thirst. Round town, don't get above 20mpg. The motors strong, chain drive so no timing belt to worry about. 5 speed auto box is very good. They are known for wheel bearings getting noisy and hard to diagnose, and the 2 pulleys on the v belts need changing before 100k. Very good long distance hauler.
  14. Outback 3.0 '03-'09 Buying advice

    Registrations after March 2006 suffer higher road tax, circa £500pa. I cannot comment on the flappy paddles as mine doesn't have them but does have the sport-shift which I seldom use manually. The facelift ones get a single cd v the earlier 6cd changer with tape player, so not as good IMHO. Rn means navigation (satnav) - that's the only discernible difference I know of between the R and the Rn.
  15. help needed

    Got a photo of the item? Checked tightness of the hose clamps?