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  1. Changed the v belt, tensioner pulley and idler pulley.
  2. Subarus are known to prefer OEM thermostats. They open at similar temps but have a larger capsule than "compatible" others. If it's not OEM, try a new OEM. Not much cost, not much to lose.
  3. Is it a OEM thermostat? Have you considered a leak down test?
  4. If the block test changed colour from blue to yellow, that's a sure sign you have combustion gas getting into the coolant and the only way that'll happen that I know of is HG failure. It's probably early stage but still...There is probably blow through at one cylinder. Pressure test wouldn't necessarily prove anything in this regard - the problem occurs when the engine is hot and expansion happens. Good luck anyway.
  5. I believe it'll make a significant difference. In effect, wouldn't the front and back wheels be trying to rotate at differing speeds?
  6. Looks like a gizwag flasher unit controller for alternate headlamp flashing like cops use.
  7. Those springs are notorious for rusting out. Mine has done just that. Just got used to manually returning the handle to the "closed" position.
  8. What you are seeing is the accessory belt, droves the aircon, power steering pump, and alternator. Also called v belt. Can need changing, if you do it's recommended to change the idler pulley and the tensioner pulley as those bearings can and do, fail. Easy to do.
  9. Def chain. Only replace if noisy/failing. Known to go easy 300k miles provided tensioners etc don't let go.
  10. Howdy and welcome. Good choice!
  11. Put my summer tyres on.
  12. Is that a diesel?
  13. 'Cause we had one (green mamba snake) in our kitchen ages ago (long story) and 'cause I've owned 3 green Subies in my time.
  14. There is a silver 3.0Rn OB on eBay right now, the seller is asking £2600. If anyone is considering I urge you to contact me (pm) before buying; I know something which may be useful about it.