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  1. Your gonna have trouble with that new smaller filter mate, I put one on my car, the filter sits a lot higher in the tank and I was getting fuel starvation issues at about a quarter of a tank if I booted it, if you don't run your car down that far you'll be ok
  2. Is this all years/models, I presume ours are affected ? Do they defo change them for alloy or just renew with steel
  3. Best I get mine looked at as they are steel, they look pretty strong tho 😳
  4. Now "THAT" is an introduction 👍 Welcome aboard 😁
  5. Had to...... 🙈🤣🤣
  6. No mate, straight up...... bare ! 😂
  7. So I know about the airbag situation as I keep getting letters, what's the lower arm business ??
  8. @stants All good mate 👍 Once I chopped of that extra bit on the top and painted the tops to match the fade on my rims I thought they looked good
  9. Do you have an alarm/immobiliser that could be playing up, could be crank or maybe camshaft sensor ? (I don't know if moody cam sensor would stop it running), maybe pop a fuel hose off to make sure your defo getting fuel, and obviously check cam belt for proper tension and to make sure it hasn't skipped any teeth
  10. A lot of the time you just get a hairline crack in the head gasket between the cylinder and a waterway so you don't get any water/oil mixing, tbh if yours does turn out to be headgasket and not just an airlock working its way up then I would presume it is very early in its failure and probs best to address now
  11. This is pretty much what the wife's 2.0d X3 was doing and pressurising the water system, that was head gasket, and also it's pretty much the same as my wrx is doing now although I have more frequent smaller bubbles and some presssure in the water hoses, and uses a little bit of water, I put some kseal in it and it's not gotten any worse over a couple of months, just gonna nurse it along until I get the other engine finished, but I presume it is head gasket
  12. We have a mobile fitter com round and take the glass out, then when works done, they come back and glue it in for £50 maybe that would be a better option ? to ring round a few to see if they would and how much
  13. Ideally like this 🤣
  14. Gonna have my car done at some point, so interested in this