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  1. 😝
  2. Anyway, cmon, it's all been said before so let's knock it on the head eh 👍
  3. Brand new maf, o2 sensor, plugs, throttle body, air filter etc etc etc BEFORE mapping by duncan car was mapped at 69k by previous owner, generic flash map, I presume a maf not at its best at that mileage, i had it mapped at about 100k roughly with all the new bits on Car has been running properly since the intake was fitted
  4. Thought I better clear this one up, the problem all along turned out to be maf scaling, disconnecting the avcs just masked the fuelling issues and made it look like an avcs problem, I presume my car was either mapped for an intake at some point and then put back to standard before I bought it, or because it was fist mapped at 69k (roughly) the maf may have been well past its best, and as I had fitted a brand new maf it had thrown it all out, I'm not going to get into any more mud slinging, suffice to say, my car now has a good make inner wing cold air intake fitted, holds boost correctly, runs like a champ, fuel trims are now where they should be, does not pull timing and has not gone into limp mode since this was fitted, probably a couple of months ago now, so my problem was down to a poor map
  5. Got one off matty at me developments in the end 👍
  6. Oooh loves a wagon me !!
  7. Any ideas where to get my car set up, portsmouth or surrounding areas 👍
  8. Any ideas where to get to the geo done down portsmouth area
  9. Will give it another good check bush wise mate, check all the ar-se end bushes vigorously, I think geo is the next thing, just did a camber check 3 times just to be sure
  10. Anyone local that could possibly meet up and swap my wheels and tyres onto their car and theirs onto mine to see what's going on with these tyres ?? Preferably a new age ? Thanks in advance if you can
  11. You do seem to have a few selling "problems".....
  12. So been lookin at a pedders easy fit kit, do they they do a kit for my wagon, it seems that fitting v groove directional tyres will highlight any suspension or geometry problems you have going on, and my car was feeling randomly flaky before I changed the tyres on a side note, the wife did say to me last night, why is everything you do a rigmarole, but she pronounced it ... marigamarole lol
  13. Here we go again...............🙈
  14. Well seems I may have got to the bottom of it, toyo t1r are highly recommended by people for use in a race car or a classic scooby, (lighter cars) , but apparently are an absolute no no to fit to the heavier newage scoobs as the sidewalls are not designed to work too good with the heavier car 🤔
  15. What am I looking for here, cracked rubber ? feels like it's the ar-se end floating around tbh