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  1. Is anyone off here looking at going to this show ? I am hoping to go for the weekend (if I can get the friday off work). Just wondering if anyone else has tickets ? Anyone camping and are we doing a club stand ?
  2. Thanks to Geoff for arranging the show. We all really enjoyed it although now i'm peeling like mad from the suntan. Will hopefully be there for the october one aswell so look out for that thread and I will also hopefully be camping. Will be good to see you all there
  3. How many are here tonight ? My missis says she has seen an soc t shirt on someone but she didnt tell me till well after.
  4. Typical ..... car show day and i'm awake at half 2 in the morning. 3 hours before alarm set. I'll be the one that disappears about 6pm lying down somewhere snoring lol
  5. Have already got my tickets seperately for the weekend so i'll be there even if my car isnt on show. Will there be club stickers on the stand ? If not how do I get hold of some please. Thanks Dave
  6. Got mine booked in early feb. They said it should only take an hour so lets hope that sorts it out
  7. Japfest is Donnington and Silverstone this year isnt it ? Not castle coombe. I went to castle coombe a few years back but Donnington and silverstone are both closer to me so hoping to do both those plus japshow at santa pod this year
  8. Yeah I have got the letter aswell. My question to them will be either are you offering a courtesy car to me whilst I am unable to carry passengers in the front passenger seat as surely this renders a passenger car unfit for purpose ? Or what can I get free seeing as i've been inconvenienced ? Gotta ring my local dealer on monday and see what they say so will post again afterwards
  9. Is it a single knock ? A series of knocks ? Happen when going down a kerb or on the flat ? Try going to an open space (industrial estate) and trying it in reverse ... try braking, then try steering but only do 1 thing at a time and try to rule some things out. Trouble is when you reverse off the drive there are often so many things going on you cant pinpoint when the knock is hapening.
  10. As you are reversing out of your drive check cv joints aswell. They knock when on lock when they are worn
  11. Welcome. Looks a really clean motor you have got there and those headlights will look great.
  12. Good luck. Amazing the support and knowledge given already and sure more wil be given should it be needed. Hope they sort it nice and easy for you and get the car back on the road
  13. The front in mine sound really tinny with little/no bass yet when you turn them up the bass is quite good. The rears just sound awful to be honest but gives me an excuse to listen to the engine note instead. Not sure what is fitted speaker wise but its on standard headunit so will need to upgrade everything when I do. Would be good to hear your feedback on the Alpine's though once fitted. Thanks Dave
  14. Gotta be honest I was really impressed with the phone side of flux. I found their online portal a bit of a mare when submitting my proof of ncb but they have my vote so far. They will even be phoned for my daily when that comes up for renewal even though its standard. I spoke to my daily's current insurance when I got my scooby and had to explain what a dump valve did. Didnt inspire confidence in me to start off with. The adding on driving of other cars fully comp is a really good idea aswell but dont forget that the car still has to be insured in its own right for you to drive it on your policy. Doesnt mean you can just jump in an uninsured car and be legal. Sorry to be a stickler but always best to know the law. None of us want any points on our licence. Sounds like a really solid quote though i'd say. Mine is more than that and I havent hardly got any performance mods. I do work in a really uninsurance friendly industry though.