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Cosworth air filters

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Hi, I've read that the cosworth filter is a good upgrade, but how often does it need replacing, I assume that because it is not a filter that you oil, it will need replacing, probably as often as the oe one. 


At £34.80 delivered from Demon Tweeks, it's not bad but how long will it last?




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The Cossie is not washable as its got a much finer weave than piper cross so does a better filtering job.

 Bear in mind you have spray a coating of light oil onto the washable ones so they trap the fine particles, overtime this oil will work its way through the induction system having coated the maff sensor on its way. Obviously this isn't over night it take a long time to build up.



Horses for Courses at the end of the day. 

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I'm not saying the washable ones are bad, just that there are down sides to them. As the Cossie one has in having to replace it. They both have their pros and cons. The maff issue is more prevalent on the classics. Due to the maffs age, they are a weak spot on the classics. New age won't be much of an issue till later in the cars life.

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