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What the jeff have I started?!!

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Thought you'd got rid of me! Well I got rid of the Astra instead so now only have the Subaru and a gorgeous new triumph to drain the wallet. Its now easier to focus on my baby.

post-1915-14138903037_thumb.jpg finally decided to do my calipers from *cough february cough*

Luckily I bought a spare set cheap and think they maybe on the way as well so want another set to swap straight on. My question to yous guys is how the fudge do I remove the seized pistons notice they are on the "same" side


Any idea on the best place to get seals as well as maybe a couple of pistons as the majority are reusable. TIA & sos if this is wrong spot gambit, feel like a newbie again

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Hi mate welcome back glad to hear you kept the Scoob :) as for the calipers mate I had a problem with mine and got another set like you I was going to refurbish them too but decided I didn't have the time to do it not even at a slow pace :( 


But I'm sure you have to get them out with a grease gun or something that gives loads of pressure 

I came across this pretty good vid, I know it's not subaru calipers but basic idea :D 


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If you have use of an air compressor, put the pistons that are lose, back in. Put a block of wood between the pistons and fire air through the caliper. Make sure the wood is big enough to stop pistons flying out but small enough to allow the pistons to budge.

If you have blocks of wood, it's 10 seconds work at a garage.

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They come in sets per side 4 are literally intact and taken from opposite sides as clearly there is a weak point for corrosion, The 2 that were stuck fast were in the mirror position of each other, If you follow. It's only £20 for a seal set as well so saving a fair bit of dosh as other things need buying this month

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