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hatchback 2.5 rebuild?


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Right boys, most of you know im thinking about getting rid my classic and going newage, i want a hawk sti / blob widetrack but the mrs is stuck on a hatch... Its going to be her car so im in limbo!


seen a really nice 08 plate sti for 8k! its in silver and has some marks but its a 6 year old car so not expecting it to be immaculate..




1. Engine:

What am i looking at for a rebuild? Want to go forged and strong enough for 400+ 


2, wheels / suspension

what set up suit these?


anything else i need to know? Could go get a blob tomorrow and be happy but the mrs is pretty much set in stone!!

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Litchfield do a setup which lowers the front end 10 - 20 mm (which it needs IMO) or so and stiffens up all around




rebuild could be up to 10K dependant on how extensive you want to take it, full CDB etc I looked at the RA website as food for thought or RCM is a good place to sort the quality parts from.






Some feedback I recieved from a chap who drove mine after owning a classic and a blob was that he felt it didnt steer as quickly as the others - I was investigating a quicker steering rack to address this (as wellas Litchfield goodies) I believe this has been addressed with the new STI model as it now has a quicker ratio.


Although I dont know as any of these changes from standard will detract from your lass enjoying the motor for what it is ;)

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if it is a standard sti with service history look to do a remap for peace of mind plus uprated fuel pump, filter and cat back system that gets you over 300 bhp, look at forged pistons and rods as a next step but I would look at a cossie baffle plus uprated oil pump and coolant pump (anti cavitation) before that if engine is sound

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with a remap am running 358 bhp 300 at the wheels at the moment,I would suggest you talk to http://www.adgespeed.co.uk

I have 08 he's going to do my sharkeye am looking on takeing mine upto 500 + ,I have upgraded bushes all round, swaybars front and rear,ats suspension,cossie pistons,miltek full system japspeed fmic, PERRIN EBCS Pro Boost Control Solenoid , 18 "wheels speedline , at the moment handles like it's on rails,am looking at changeing ecu,studbolts,injectors,conrods,remap bigger turbo looking at 5000 to 6000,7000 pound or there abouts topbloke if you tell him brad put you onto him he will help you out

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