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classic sti help


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Picked up my 1997 impreza sti last Friday


Had a couple of things on it that hopefully some of you can shed some light on


First of all the engine seems solid but overall the car looks like it has had many eBay parts fitted to it


It has print outs for 331bhp, problem being I don't really know exactly what's been done to it


I bought it really as I seen it as a wee project :)


It has a baileys dump valve which is attached to the front mount IC piping. I have driven the car everyday since Friday, today I went to put fuel in it and I heard the DV sound. Thing went off for about 3 gear changes and now doesn't go off again. Is the DV just cheap rubbish or could there be a leak or something?


It has an anti lag switch, when you switch it on it makes the exhaust sound like its just taken steriods. Backfires etc. Would any of you even use this or is it another crap mod?


Has a launch control switch too, any tips on using this?


Has a switch to change the car from low boost to high. I have switched it on to low for daily driving


Any help would be great :) 

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To be fair sounds like you have bought yourself an amazing car :) 


All great mods Antilag just keeps the turbo spooled and does make it fire and pop rally cars use it but will shorten the life of the turbo. DV might have just got stuck or not had enough pressure to make it go off but I guess you was underload when it stopped so would take a look might have a leak some where. But would run bad if it did.


I've never had launch control but would like it :D  

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Personally I don't like dump valves but if you must have one then I guess Baileys is the one to go for.

Someone has clearly spent a lot of money on the ECU and getting it mapped if it has working anti-lag and launch control, so you're lucky to have that. This is not something you can pik up at Halfords, it needs a specilist to set up and map and would have cost whoever fitted it over £1,000

Modern turbos can handle anti-lag as long as you don't go mad with it. Your pocket may not though... it works by adjusting the timing so it sparks while the exhaust valve is still open, thus sending the shock wave to the turbo which keeps it spinning at tickover and low revs. Great for hardcore acceleration, not so great for fuel consumption!

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Gambit it is a fair machine, as I said in my welcome post it just needs the body work cleaned up and the interior sorted. Looking to have the car around 350bhp so 20ish to go


Adam the car came with the dump valve. Just doesn't seem to be working properly


Good news that the ecu is a decent one. Least I don't have to do anything with that :) 

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Sounds like it's had a fair bit spent on it and with fmic ,tdo5 and yellow injectors it would probably see fairly close to 350hp but has probably been held back due to the anti lag and launch control putting extra strain on the transmission .

of course you do know that this thread is missing one vital thing ...

some pics :-)

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