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V3/4 hose kits

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Cheers mate, its the red hose im after ideally as I have a forester specific y pipe kit on the Christmas/birthday list and I think it doesn't have that bit on . It was that long ago that I took the intercooler off I can't remember what's underneath looms like plastic/metal combo.

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I can't see why they aren't 95% of all the bits i've had to replace or add have been identical, it was the trubo end of things i was unsure of, Theres a wrx kit that has y pipe, throttle body and another pipe but no 90 degree turbo to ic :-( thanks for the offer,

Don't suppoee I could be cheeky and ask you to measure the external diameter of the tlred hose in 1st pic ? Then if all else fails I can just buy a piece of samco hose same size and cut it to length.

I had an sti cooler off a foz available with piping for 40quid and i passed on it boo !

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No worries mate, your knowledge as always is invaluable [emoji51] helped me out no end, I've just emailed subaru forester parts, they are just out of stock at the mo so I'll order when back in.

One last question which I think I know what you'll say, did you fit yor turbo blanket when it was all in bits or on the car ?

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The outside dia of the turbo outlet is 50mm , so the inside dia of the red hose must be close to 50 mm as well [emoji6]

There's only two reasons why I didn't re fit the turbo blanket...

1 it's held on by stainless steel springs which used to"zing" a bit on idle but it might have been the position I fitted it.

2 with all the rerouting of pipes and wires I had several attempts at "mocking" everything up and .. well.. it sort of got forgot[emoji39] .

I'll probably refit it at some point and if it's still "zingy" I'll remove it again but with winter here I won't bother till spring (no pun intended)

As for helping im always happy to share what I've learnt along the way and I'm always eager to learn more myself

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