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Kindly Need Advice

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Hi, I need some real decent advice please. I am currently teaching in KSA, I bought a Subaru turbo 1994 with much of it changed to a 1999, including its engine. It was advertised as an STi but it was not except a turbo! I was a complete beginner and got it too expensive as others told me afterwards and after I read more. I rushed and was hasty and lost a lot of money trying to repair it. The damn Subaru  Mechanic in Riyadh city was a cowboy and when I received it after an engine and axle replacement it got major issues within 30 mins and the Boost Gauge was missing and he claimed he doesn't have it! Anyway, I was down Jeddah city and took it to the Subaru dealers, their mechanic told me to take it to a good Subaru Mechanic round the corner who usually has lots of Subaru Projects usually. He checked it out and said that at the least it has a water and air and exhaust leakage. Anyway as I am now returning home to enjoy life again, I sold it. When a buyer got it checked, the Mechanics told him that it has also other issues. I had to sell it cheap. So I lost a lot of money from my old 1997 GT Mustang and now this Subaru. I got ripped off and had no idea about these cars, but want to get a Subaru Impreza turbo again as it was so much fun when running well, I reached 150MPH easily one time on a very good road I knew well at a low traffic time, and loved the boost and no car around me had a chance at the traffic lights if they tried me on, by the 2nd gear they were behind me. But this time I don't want to be hasty, so when I return after a few months to the Midlands I will start my search. I want to get one as a second car, a weekend or cruising car. So will limit my budget. Then will maintain it and step by step renew and modify various parts.  

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Wotcha and welcome - a real shame you got stiffed there - however there are some great examples to be had, keep us updated and let us know if you have eyes on a particular car, one of the members may know it but either way we have buying guides and previous threads where people have asked about specific models

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Hi mate welcome to S.O.C

And sorry to hear about the previous experience. Annoys me how low people stoop to just make a buck on a car with problems. But glad to hear it hasn't put you off but will admit they're a bit addictive [emoji6]

As Jay said plenty of stuff to read up on here. And feel free to ask we will try to help when possible. [emoji2]

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Thanks for the welcome! I appreciate it. Well I'll be after a classic, 1st generation, that's what I love. I will not have a budget for a year or two for an WRX STI or something with lots of added bhp, so will be happy with a decent Impreza turbo, but might step by step improve it and so forth. I have a lot to learn though. I need to learn about how to find a decent one and how to maintain it, especially the turbo. I would love to really brace it up in key places to make sure nothing goes lose in rough corners! In KSA I don't drive crazy and wild, I just like you all, like to be careful and pick carefully times and places and situations for some boost, I am not after driving 150 MPH as I have done it once on a 2 minute quick drive on the turbo I had. We all know why we love the Impreza turbo, for its handling and 0 to 60 for example. I do have some questions though, in fact many and will keep posting questions whenever I can see the need. Thanks.


1- How much is the insurance usually for a classic Impreza Turbos? I am 37 now and started driving late 10 years ago.


2- Non Turbo Imprezas are cheap, so is it easy and cheap to convert one to a Turbo?


3- What about Blue LED lights under the Impreza? On the Wheels? Inside? I would like to sometimes use the wheels LEDs and sometimes the other ones. Is this common to get them fitted, easy?


4- In the West Midlands are there many reliable Mechanics for the Impreza Turbo and Spares Parts available?


5- Due to me for the past 6 years teaching abroad and returning only for a 5 week vacation, I have lost touch with maybe some laws in the UK. So, are there any restrictions for example on the exhaust noise levels? if so then how is it possible to get around them? Yes, we all love a nice sound.


6- How many cars is a driver in the UK allowed on their name at one time? 2 or 3 or 4?


Thanks again.

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Hi from another newbie. To answer some of your questions:

My classic Impreza turbo was around £400 a year to insure, strangely my new STI is less than £240 a year to insure with 12 years NCB and I'm 38 years old. How insurance is calculated is a mystery to me.

I wouldn't bother trying to mod a non turbo car, it's not as simple as just bolting on a turbo charger.

Not sure about noise levels. My old Impreza was loud, used to wake the neighbours when I worked early morning shifts and noise never got mentioned on MOT's. Just got to watch emissions, had to make sure my car was hot when it had emissions test.

As far as I know you can own as many cars as you can afford to tax and insure.


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Thanks, you have actually confirmed what I found out about converting a non turbo to a turbo, not easy and very complicated, so will leave it. Thanks. Will stick to getting a Classic turbo.


As far as noise is concerned then I will perhaps never used the impreza turbo early mornings except in emergencies. I wish to used it in the evenings and weekends only, that too limited to cruises around the Midlands only. I don't wish to use it for going to work or shopping. If I learn how to maintain it well and see it is very reliable and okay to use more often will do so but later on, I want to not take chances as I learnt from my experience in KSA, I used it as my daily driver when it needed some work it seems. That is why more problems developed maybe. A few minor problems unattended to can lead to major problems on classics. Sensitive cars. That is the downside but when looked after they are very satisfying indeed. The boost is addictive!!!


I want to get my Scooby White rims and blue LED lights inside them and underneath and inside also, so that sometimes I use the LEDs for the wheels and sometimes just underneath.


Please try to answer my other questions as best you can, anyone, please as I am a complete novice still.


Hope to join up in your Midlands cruises and meet ups in 2015!


I hope to post pics of my last Scooby later when my classroom which is under renovation gets in order as my USB Lead has been misplaced.



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Classic Impreza and blue leds? :o


Noise level regulations:



I have had a Buddyclub Spec II racing exhaust 120+ dB. I would not even try that in the UK. Probably the police officer would fine me after he pulled me off :rolleyes:


First mission:


Find a nice example of a GC8

Get it checked

No matter how they looked after it, this is an old car so needs good care.

Instead of putting leds on it I would slightly mod the suspension,bushes,brakes and here you go you have one of the best and enjoyable car on the world...

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