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Picking up Impreza tomorrow :)


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I am picking up my 2001 2l Impreza AWD non turbo tomorrow. :)


I have been looking for a car with AWD because I am moving to the South Coast from North West London and will have a 100 mile round trip to work down the A24.  Really like the look of the impreza so have bought a cheap one I found off eBay to see how I get on with it and may upgrade to a tidier turbo model in future when I have some more cash after moving ;)


I have a motorbike as well (Honda VTX 1800) so get my fun on that when weather is good which is why I am not too fussed on spending a lot at the minute. ;) 


Anyway heres the one I am picking up tomorrow: 




Bit tatty but I am hoping it will do me for now what do you think?


Also being non turbo I am hoping it wont be as thirsty for going to work and back.


Cheers Graham :)



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Looks tidy mate and should give you some great fun if it snows [emoji6] might have guessed we love it when we get snow and an empty space [emoji2] and we have many bikers on gere too Jays one. I used to do a lot t off road in with motorX and been tempted many timesabout getting one on road but feel its a bit of a joke to do the tests now. And have a few toys already.

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Hi cheers :)


Just picked it up this morning instead, got a little bit of money off as the rear wishbone thing looked pretty rusty was pretty low so hard to get a proper good look on my back in the road but didnt look too brilliant under there at the back.  Little bit of oil under round the sump but might of been power steering fluid.  Drove it home down the M40 steering is more responsive then I have ever been used to but there was quite a bit of vibration coming back through the wheel at about 70mph.  I am going to pump the tyres all round to 32 psi.  At the minute the back passenger side is low 24 but some are 37psi so will get them all at 32 and check the wheel nuts are tight.


All seems pretty tidy inside and starts up well etc just a bit tatty with a rust hole behind the wheel arch I will need to fill.


Not too shabby :)

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Nice. Where you moving to mate? Worthing? Littlehampton?

I go to visit my family in Rustington and Arundel...A24 is a great road for an Impreza [emoji3]

Wheels could need balancing or tracking done.

The extra safety of the AWD is worth the little less MPG you'd get from a Honda or Ford. Especially at this time of year.

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Hi there mate, I am moving to Littlehampton, my dad lives in Rustington. :)  Yep thinks the Subaru will be good on the A24 and A259 :)


Done about 100 miles in the car now and its running pretty well, the vibration is a bit better now I have got the pressures right and checked all the wheel nuts which were ok btw.  I do think I need a new power steering belt as when I am turning lock to lock it squeals like mad and starts to stink of burning rubber so will look at doing that myself.  The belts look pretty easy to get to at the front of the engine although the manual says I need a spring tensioner thing to measure the tension so will look into that more incase I dont need it.


This morning I noticed a noise a bit like a frisby flying through the air coming from the back passenger side so any ideas what that is?


Engine seems lovely and smooth btw. :)

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