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Mk4 Legacy sti?


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Copy of question to seller....


Please can you send me some proof, for example a copy of the v5, to prove this is an sti legacy?

I'm familiar with Subaru's, and am not aware of them ever producing a legacy spec b sti; either for the uk or as an import.

I look forward to hearing from you.


I'll flush him out [emoji14]

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Just some stickers then.........give me strength!!!


"Hi xxx,

the car is as described in the ad, a UK car, when I bought the car it had the STI stickers etc and after investigation on the internet discovered that these cars are detuned for the uk market, its had a retune and K&N filter provided by Andrew Hendy and ex Subaru dealer now a specialist, who check the BHP which was c260, he then retuned to the figures quoted see graph. This is one of the last cars and comes with the uprated shocks, gun metal wheels and SI Drive / flappy paddles. I love the car and would buy one again, but company car forces sale."


Muppet  :rolleyes: 

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