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Advice needed regarding V5 and previous owners


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Hi guys.


Back in May, I traded in my much-loved Focus RS MP350 for a new Subaru Sti. A few months after owning/driving the Sti, I knew that I had made a big mistake - I really missed my RS.


The garage where I traded my RS in STILL had it for sale. The reason for this was quite simple - they were asking WAY too much money for the car. Another few months went by, and finally the price of the RS was reduced to the point that I managed to do a deal to get it back - giving them back the 6 month old Subaru and putting some money back into my pocket. Now the problems began......

Before doing the deal I asked if there would be another owner added to the V5. After all, no-one else had owned the RS in the time since I traded it in. I was told by the garage no, as there is a section on the V5 whereby you DON'T tick a box for a new keeper. The garage also issued a somewhat confusing letter to the DVLA explaining that I had taken back my old car and that therefore no new owner should be added. This was all sent in with a private-reg retention certificate to put my private plate back onto the RS.


As the weeks have gone by since the deal, I was getting concerned that I had heard nothing and still not received the logbook back in my name. So a few days ago I began calling the DVLA to see if anyone can shed-light onto what's happening.

I was told today that the hold-up has been because of the previous owners situation. But my main worry is that the DVLA told me today that another owner WILL be added onto the V5. So I will be in the ridiculous situation of being both the previous and current owner of the RS.

Can anyone help me with some advice? I'm thinking of just letting them do what they need to do, and when I finally get the V5 back maybe start some sort of appeal to remove an owner?

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I'm not exactly sure how this should work out but my thought is that, the garage did own the Ford. Whilst it was in their possession, if they had sold it on, worked on it or crashed it, you would have had no other involvement.

Good luck with getting the second owner removed from the V5. I hope you do but I think you may have a lengthy battle to do so.

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logically it hasnt changed owners.... BUT this is the dvla

logic doesnt come into it! (neither does having a rep mobile to a subaru lol!! .. joke!)

I would say you wont get it removed as it has changed hands. its not like it was dropped off at the garage for a service. My dad got banned years ago and had ot put the car into my mums name for legal reasons and they couldnt get it removed

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Never mind the v5, did I read rite, you swap a sti for a ford, had you been smoking anything when you did it.

You don't realise that I traded an RS for the Sti.......and the Subaru just didn't top the Focus in any area.

I must have been smoking something strong to think the new Sti could be better than a standard RS, let alone a mountuned Ford RS.....hence why 6 months later I got my old car back. Can't say more than that to sum up the Subaru.

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Is that right? Well I've not experienced any problem with the RS.

Subaru Sti in 6 months from new...

1. Leaking rear diff

2. Petrol cap that wouldn't open

3. Rear window that would drop half-way open on its own. Not good when leaving car in a public place.

4. Goddamn awful passenger door vibration that was looked at but couldn't be stopped.

5. The steering column rattling and banging when going round a corner with a rough road-surface.

Then there was the crap Stereo, the severe lack of grunt or performance, the waiting for dealer parts etc......

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Just dont think comparing a standed sti against a tuned rs is a fair comparison, I do think the sti has a lot more potential. On a serious note and past experience dealin with god a mean the dvla a dont think you have a hope of winnin a appeal againt them.your goin to have to be the last and new owner on log book and just explain why when you come to sell it on, a dont think it will be a problem if the car is a good n.

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