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Hi I currently have a forester 2005 2.5xt black,it's my pride and joy,whatever the time of day or the mood Iam in this car puts a smile on my face,and it currently has 120,000 on it as of now but would love to reach 250k and beyond if possible.

Have a couple of irritations to sort out IE-:wind noise on front door,and also a knocking from under neath,had it to a garage to check suspension,they said NO nothing wrong with suspension,so it's still knocking so I can only presume it may be something loose underneath.

Last gripe OIL I currently have to top oil up every 3wks as when dip stick is checked its bone dry,it's not a problem for me topping up but is this the norm being a turbo model,no smoke or problems with exhaust.

Many thanks people


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Hello welcome,

Wind noise is a problem which blights all subarus, the pillar less glass is the reason for it, foresters tend to have problems with the rubber triangle on the front windows, there are diy fixes available in youtbue and there may be one in the how two guide on here,

Knocking is normally down to the rubbish plastic droplinks, ive changed the shocks and tops but still get the knocking sound, will be changing the links soon to metal ones hopefully this will cure it.

As for the oil issue I'm not sure is it a 2.5L engine ? Does seem odd to be going through that amount

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Cheers for the reply fella.

After looking through the forum until about 4:30 this morning found out some things to tryout on the wind noise,as for the knocking I'll suggest this to my son as he works for Mercedes as a mechanic he can do the detective work as I know nothing about cars just the basics.

Not that I don't want to know,it's just a time issue and the unknown with me,as for the oil I did take it to a Subaru garage last year as the mechanic there told me that on the older cars they need oil that's a little bit thicker to hug the engin,so he suggested W10-40 MINERAL OIL.

So have been using this over the last year,it does seem to last longer and is thicker,but as I said in first talk Ihave to top up about every 3/4 weeks,and when I check the dip stick no oil is showing but the oil warning light has never came on over the time I have had the forester which is about a year and a half,happy to just keep filling oil up for now though until a answer is found.

I can get 2 gallon of mineral oil from GSF £25 so not to bad that lasts a few months.so it's notthe end of the world.

Must go now as Kidd have football and must finish off grouting tiles then put bathroom furnishings up then see what the boss has planed for me next as she likes to keep me busy,then shel says we never have time to ourselve,can't WIN.

Anyway enjoy weekend fella

Best regards


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Oof I feel your pain, I've a pass today so off to watch the gp in peace [emoji2] summer running I use 10-40 semi synth and winter I've just put fully synth in ut to quieten the engine down.

From to of dip stick to bottom mark is roughly a litre how much milage do you do ?

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I have had the car about a year and a half,it had 93k on it when bought it now has 120k,so roughly doing about 1300 miles a month or 16000 a year.

Dip stick is dry as sticks when I check after 3/4 weeks, and it must take about a litre or two to get it to where it should be.

Not to worry though,just keep plugging away.

Hope GP was worth watching a way Chief.

Catch yous later

Cheers jay 762

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