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First time Subaru owner


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Hi all just picked up my first Subaru up on Sunday and must say love it to bits, its a 2001 wrx estate in world rally blue. Been an avid ford fanatic since I passed my driving test in 2001 and had nothing but fords, but decided the time had come to go down the Japanese route, and glad I did, wasn't expecting it to be as quick as it is in standard form. Would like to get more bhp for not a lot of money, what would you all suggest for a good starting mod. Thanks in advance.

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Wotcha and welcome - feel free to share some photos.


mods - the old story - how deep is your pocket etc however browsing the forum you will find some decently modded cars for sensible money.


look at air in air out, high flow panel filter, high flowing exhaust then uprate the fuel pump and get a remap to suit.


I would suggest before launching on any project work to spend money on getting the car running right in the first place - decent service good oil and new plugs, dependant on mileage an ultrasonic clean for the injectors will get you in good order


either way keep us posted on what you decide

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Thanks for the input so far chaps, it currently as 97k on the clock, I was lucky enough to have the clutch replaced before i picked it up and an oil and filter change. I have had a minor problem of the EM light being on for about 24 hrs but then it disappeared at lunch time today, going to get it checked out tomorrow at some point. I've heard it could be something to do with the dump valve,how true could this be.

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