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*HELP/ADVICE NEEDED* Front drivers strut knock/click on 2006 hawkeye sti


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Hi guys,

I'm brand new here and this is my first post so bear with me! I bought a 06 2.5 STI it has since been great but just run into a problem in the last day or so,

There seems to be a clicking/rubbing noise coming from the top end of the front divers side wheel but only when turning right, at any angle not just full lock, even slightly but only if accelerating whilst turning right... However you can accelerate through a left hand corner at any speed quite happily, but if you coast round right handers with no throttle at all no matter how hard there's no noise,

I got the wheel off tonight and checked over the track rod end, ball joint, the drive shaft and cv boot and the wheel bearing and they were all fine no play in them at all,

We did a bounce test by jumping up and down on the door sill whilst the steering was turned right and found that the clicking noise was there slightly however much quieter than when accelerating right on the road,

The noise seems to be coming from the top of the wheel area which only leads me to believe that it could be the top mount/top mount bearing which is causing the slight play for the strut to be knocking/clicking or maybe the bearing itself is making the noise I am unsure,

Do you have any advice before I go ahead and buy some group N replacement top mounts? Don't want to go ahead and buy them if they are not necessary,

Thanks guys,


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Hello welcome, have you checked the droplink ? Not sure about the newage but the standard ones on the classic are pants and always make random noises. I've just changed shocks and top mounts and still get a click/clunk sound at various speeds

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Hello stants thanks for the reply, I did check the drop links and they were fine, really am confused as to what it could but the noise does seem to be above the wheel at the top of the strut

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Hey guys,

Thanks for the kind replies, after further inspection and driving with it for a further week or so it is the o/s cv joint for sure but now I have a problem of actually trying to find a replacement cv joint for a 2006 hawkeye sti widetrack model as nowhere seems to have them! Any ideas?

Cheers guys!

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