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MOT needed on highly modified usdm 08 sti

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Hey all, I'll be moving from the U.S. and looking for some helping finding a shop that is "helpful" with passing the MOT ... I have a highly modified 700+bhp Subaru and would love to be able to drive it from time to time on meets , cruises ! I'll be in the Suffolk area and believe i might be only allowed to drive in that area until after I complete and MOT and the registration process ! Any help is deeply appreciated !



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Hi mate welcome, savage resides down your way so hopefully he'll be along tobpoint you in the right direction,

Does the car have any cats in the exhaust at all ?

Looks nice in the pics

No cats currently in the exhaust , though I might be adding one or two to the mid pipe seeing as my down pipe is 4"

I have a lot of other pictures of you are interested in the build

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Always interested in builds start up another thread in the build section :D

The car will need at least one cat in to pass the m.o.t unless you find someone willing to look the other way they do a visual check 1st.

As your testing an import there shouldn't be any model specific co2 values just a generic target to pass,

like many others here a doner car is often required for this part too ;)

Basically if you find somone who knows what the deal is and as long as the car is roadworthy and has all bulbs working etc and isn't going to kill anyone you shouldn't have any problems

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Cat wise has to look/be like a proper manufacturer part and long as it's not stupid loud and not breaking windows as you drive by you shouldn't have a problem.

Is it a completely straight through system ?

I went from the stock twin cat setup which was dead to a sports cat, it only just missed the target values by a couple of percent as it wasn't hot enough to be working properly. So we had to re test using a different technique ;)

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