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Power upgrade being offered by Subaru for 2015 STi


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I finally picked up my 2015 STi last Saturday, here's a good excuse to post a pic...





So six days and 490 miles in, my local dealer phones me today and says that Subaru are now offering a 40bhp upgrade for the STi! The car has to go into the dealer, they remove the ECU and sent it away for a re-flash. The power upgrade leaves the warranty intact too. Great news, in my opinion, as I had already mentioned that I was looking at upgrades. However - the upgrade costs £1600. EDIT: Turns out this upgrade isn't being offered for the 2015 STi - It's for the previous generation STi. They missed that boat, I think!


Now, for just a re-flash it seems very expensive. I'm wondering if there may be more to it than that - i.e. a new fuel pump and/or breathing mods. Has anyone else heard of this, and do you have any more details?


I was planning on fitting an equal length manifold, cold air intake and then an independent remap. This would probably come out at a similar price but void the warranty.


It would be great if the engine can get a 40bhp gain even before touching the exhaust!

Starting to tear apart the sofa now to see if I can find some pennies in it!

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I think these are quoted as 305PS, so probably a little under 295bhp. A higher pressure fuel pump could be fitted to bring down the injector duty cycle. The standard pump could probably cope, but the injectors would be closer to their max duty. A fuel pump is much cheaper than injectors.


Our cousins over the pond are upgrading injectors at approx 380bhp but normally the modification 'roadmap' doesn't involve remap first (intake> exhaust> remap> fuel pump> injectors> another remap).

Didn't get to the dealer today, will give them a phone call tomorrow.

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