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Has anyone fitted a headlamp wiring upgrade kit to their Subaru ?.

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Last winter I upgraded the headlamp wiring loom and fitted a pair of  Night Breaker Plus bulbs to my VW T4.



The T4 headlamps always seemed a bit underpowered and this was mainly due to the fact that with the amount of wiring and resistors and other sources draining the power  the Headlamp bulbs never actually received  the full 12 volts of power from the Battery.



The upgrade wiring loom connected straight to the Battery and used a couple of relays and heavier gauge wiring so basically fed the bulbs with almost 12 Volts.



What a major difference it made when driving along poorly lit or unlit roads (that would be most of them around here ).



Although only using 55 Watt bulbs, I now have a powerful bright white beam rather than a dim yellowy haze. :)




I am so impressed that I would like to upgrade my Foresters' headlamps if possible.



Is there an upgrade wiring kit available for the Subaru Foresters as I am now looking to improve the headlamp performance similar to that of my VW T4?.



I don't want to use super bright ( headlamp lens melting and bonnet discolouring bulbs ) but would like to get 12 Volts to a pair of 55 Watt Nightbreaker Plus Bulbs.






Thank You



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I had a hid kit on my classic which we're nice and bright but whilst it was off the road for about 8 months they keeled over [emoji53]

So I had to switch back to h4 on the morning of the mot to get it passed .

the first night run I did I realised that I missed the hid as the standard h4's were like candles [emoji33]

The osram nightbreakers and LED sidelights seem much better but if somebody does know a way of making h4 fitment bulbs a bit brighter still id be interested too

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I ordered a pair of Osram Night Breaker  Bulbs which arrived this afternoon.




Just fitted them so will see what difference they make to my night driving vision.




Don't really expect them to be as bright as the ones on my VW T4 which have a @ full 12 Volt feed but hopefully they will be better than the standard H4 bulbs that are now spares.

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