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Need some advice


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Hello everyone, 


I have done alot of research on the internet to find a reliable all wheel drive performance car and have narrowed the choice down to a Nissan Skyline R32 GTR or a 2004 Subaru Impreza WRX STI. All I intend to use the car for is work and daily driving. I need to know which one of these cars is the most reliable and the easiest to maintain. I plan to take great care with the car that I buy and only use the performance when necessary. Thanks. 

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Hello welcome, 1st off the gtr will be approaching 20 + years old so unless it's fresh off the boat you'll have usual issues as rusty areas to battle with. That 2.6L goes through fuel like noting else especially when pushing on, not sure about maintenance as i only know people who have had them never worked on one, how far is your daily commute ? you have the need for 4 doors and decent rear space ? Then scooby all the way, should be less to maintain due to being half the age, I'd say the subaru has the edge over every day drivability too. It will also be safer due to more recent rigorous crash legislation.

Trying to give an Un biased view here as they are both cracking cars the 32 is one of my all time favourite motors.

I'd say get to some meets see and have a ride in both then make your decision

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If it is needed for daily drive get the Scooby.

Nissans are good cars but the R32 is a bit thirsty. I have had a 200SX ( stage 3 with 325 horses) it consumed a lot ( 20+L /100Km ~14mpg )

The R32 four wheel drive system is a bit different from the Scooby`s because the R32 is a FWD when its not required.

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