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the crew

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I was invited to two betas for the crew. Played the first one then removed it from my hard drive and ignored the second. The map is massive but not as big as you are lead to believe in the adverts.

Graphics are substandard for next gen consoles and the vehicle handling psychics are just vile tbh. Wouldn't have this game even if it was free!

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Ok i have the crew....it is a arcade game which i why it feels arcadey lol.

Map is huge great fun but do understand im not a gamer,i play games for fun so thats my opinion.

Its great that you can drive to pikes peak and do a run or leguna seca or indinapollis all there so is statue of liberty

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Exactly mate I like the choice of games on both platforms. As I said before Uncharted will be the main game for me getting a ps4 sooner than later followed by The Last Of Us I never got round to playing that :( so holding off now from getting it on ps3. Might look at Project cars on the ps4 too. but again I will see what the hypes like after it's been out Foza will always be a tough act to follow :) 

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