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Noobie to Scubi Impreza

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Hi Y'all


Currently run a suzi 4x4 in winter, and porsche 944 turbo during summer.


As I am retired on limited funds feel that running three cars (also a Honda Hybrid) is more than a little extravagant.

It suddenly came to me that the Impreza marque is both turbo and 4x4 and could possibly give me the same things I hunger for in my two fun cars........fields of fun and turbo  b o  o   s    t  !


What do you lot think - am I being realistic?  and if so, which of the classic wrx sti  impreza's would be best?  


I have been looking and possibly would not want to go beyond 2005 - both for price (max £8K)  and running costs....that road tax hike for 2006 onwards is crippling....


so this includes mark 1 and mark 2 versions I guess --


What would you do knowing the Impreza as you do




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Thanks for your info and replies == much appreciated.


All I have to do now is find that elusive but special car that is just for me -----


If you know of one - pre 2006 (for tax) and less than usual miles and good service history with every conceivable extra etc...

do let me know ......


Thanks agin

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OK _ will do gambit.   ;)


Been out on test drive with Adams Garage in a 2005 WRX STi PPP UK 300 bhp.  Why have I not experienced a Subaru before!!!  It was like a shaft of golden light of intuitive and fabulous driving the like of which I have not had before.  

No engine rev wavering.

Flat around corners - like tram lines!

and the boost -- very tasty......

and the ride despite being sports was very forgiving.....

I think all my previous experiences have gone for nothing after that drive.  What a car and a saloon too!  :wub:


So I am sold on the Subaru marque and the S T i  Prodrive in particular.  :D


I am not able to purchase yet until I sell the Porsche -- (if you know anyone in the market for a 944 Guards red turbo do let me know)

Any comments on the garage price of £10995 for a 2005, 51k motor in extremely good nick???

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