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Sluggish Acceleration


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Hi welcome, is your car a fly by wire system or does it have cable operated throttle, has there been any work Done recently on the front of the car ?

Could try reading the ecu to see if there's any fault codes stored and maybe clear them/ reset the ecu then go for a drive,

If it's a cable operated system have a look to see if the cable is hooked into the throttle body ok and the route of the cable back to the bulkhead isn't obstructed or had got kinked

Sent from my SM-G850F

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can't find a good pic of a newer engine as half have a plastic cover on or have been modified.

So this is mine, I take it yours is right hand drive ?

If you look at the pic you'll see the circled area,it's a bit wonky as I'm using me phone, in the right of the circle you'll see the throttle body and a black cable that comes out down to the front of the car and loops back on its self to the rear bulkhead,that's the throttle cable, if you don't have anything coming from the bulkhead then it must be electrical,

Does that make sense ?

What's vdc ?

Sent from my SM-G850F

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Sorry i don't know much about foz model codes is it a N.A version ?

When was the last time it had a spark plug change ?

as a misfire might cause lumpy idle and lack of throttle response, as mine fired up and drove on 2 cylinders with the same symptoms .....

When I accidentally plugged the left bank coilpacks in back to front [emoji51] [emoji4]

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I'd check vacuum leak- broken air hose or disconnected air hose.

Bad or disconnected spark plug wire or coil pack.

Maf could be an issue or a really dirty air filter but would have thought that would have been changed. But these arecthe things id look at 1st. If they won't look at it.

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