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Whats my Legacy worth


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Hi guys,

Just joined, I'm looking to change my Spec B sports tourer for a newer one.

I know they are quite rare now,

Had her for 8 years been the best car I have ever had, she has the manual box with a new clutch and exhaust, just sailed another MOT.

In black with 1 former owner.

Full service history with 123k, sat nav black leather panoramic roof. Subaru roof rack and tow bar, brand new.

It's a 2005 model with some unfortunate car park dings around the doors etc, had a quote for £550 to get done. Drives perfect.

The prices are up and down and I can't see what they are going for, I'm not looking to be greedy but do you think I will get £3k for her? I think the 3000cc may put people off with the fuel but surely their is some enthusiasts out there.

I live in Essex and all the dealers seam to have moved further away, I haven't tried selling her yet just wondered if anyone could give me any advice on where to sell it...

I haven't sold cars on eBay or auto trader, is this the place to advertise ?

Cheers guys,

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you might get 3k - all depends if you find the right buyer, as long as you are prepared to wait


put up some photos as the legacy members may have a different opinion

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Purely due to the damage you mention, although it sounds about normal for the age, I would guess at between £2700 and £3000.

As you say, not many around to get a good feel for the price.

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Manual box could be it's star sale advantage but with the mileage & body marks I would say £2,500 but without seeing it hard to be accurate really.

the 3litre are not always easy sell hence why see some bargains, tax & fuel puts a lot off ...

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Thanks chaps,

Great feed back, maybe a bit more desirable being manual I agree, as well as being the lower tax group as it's older than 2006.

Do you think it's worth getting the body work done? Or selling as it is.?...

Thanks again

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