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BG5 GTB owner


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Hi All

Still on my first Subaru, a 96 Legacy GTB. Had it for about two years, bought as a "it'll do for a wee while" and discovered I really liked it. It's driven just about everyday, 70 mile round trip to work and back. I've been on the UKLegacy forum pretty much since I bought it.

Basically I'm looking to increase my Subaru knowledge as I'm beginning to think about an engine rebuild, maybe a bit more power, maybe another Scobbie, well, lots of "maybes" ☺️

Hope to learn more and even pass on some info I've gained over the last couple of years, don't hold your breath though, last engine I rebuilt was for a 1978 Escort Harrier back in when I was a "youf"

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Hi and welcome.

You may recognise my username from UK Legacy too. This place is just as friendly.


Any thing you have questions about on engine builds, just shout up. I've done a good few Subaru engines. In fact one day soon, I may even get back on with my project. :)

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Welcome along mate always nice to see more legacy owners coming along. And as Tlag says might have seen me posting on UK Legacies forum. their good enough to allow me to post my local meets on there. :D 


And hope you're feeling better Tlag. Adam said you had been a bit unwell when I was chatting with him so nice to see you back on here :) 


Just going back to posting on UK legacies forum who would I need to speak with about posting the likes of Japfest events up as a joint club event. Just to see if I can get a few more other models going and get a better turn out. :D 

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