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Forza 5 League sign up


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Pretty easy want to join just add your name. 

League times will be after Top Gear on Sunday's each week consisting of 3 races lasting roughly an hour.


  1. Gambit
  2. Ghost 
  3. Ghaulson
  4. Dogconker
  5. Scooby Pete
  6. Brock
  7. Ash
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Get him to sign up mate even if he just posts in the section of the forum it's not a problem :D 

I'll chase the two guys that go to the local subaru meet to get on. Keep saying they will sign up lol :) so that should be four. I'll PM NICK and BlackBOSH I think Ash has an xbox one now too so will drop him a line :) 

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I'll make a clear instruction on the calendar post once it's all confirmed. But be 2 tracks each weekend so 1st two as you scroll down. we will have a set of tunes that will needed to be download and installed on the Subaru's you race I've done a set and all are about the same in terms of keeping it competitive. We will race the two tracks 1st in the Subaru cars. then alternate each week RWYB & the F1 cars. The RWYB which will be classed but can be any car and tuned how you want it up to the class for that weekend. the track will be one of the two we had raced before we will do a vote on the night which we would rather race. F1 cars I think won't bother tune them unless people want too but just race them out the box. their pretty good without needing to be tuned. 

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Paints up to Dog I have my personal First Motorsports one he did me I'll be using that on my hawrkeye. :D


All my tunes are ready to be tested in A class on all the subarus should be very close on each lap.

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I take it ive got to hop on forza and make sure there's a design for each scoob?

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Oh now you're coming round to my way of thinking  :lol:


And I'm happy to use mine as long as everyone else is I'd still like to get them tested by a few of us so we can check that one car isn't too over powered. I want to keep it pretty competitive with the tunes so no cars better than the next one :)  

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