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Adding new key to car

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I have they key pad in mine (2003 impreza) 


Quick question. if i get a spare key cut can I still use the car without the immobilizer key if i use they key pad?

No, key has transponder chip inside which needs be detected by receiver near ign barrel.

get key cut with a transponder is only around £30 or less if shop about then you can use that key along with keypad.

You have to remember you actually have 2 immobilizers, 1 being standard subaru with key transponder & ecu immobiliser & 2 being the Sigma in your case.

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Called Subaru direct they are contacting head office as mine is import :-/

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Doubt they will be much use and if can help will cost silly money probably.

Grey import would probably of been done in UK but could be after-market Japan perhaps.

Find out what make it is, if can not tell by fob then finding the brain under dash is needed & hopefully has model numbers so a spare key & programming instructions can be sourced.

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The key or the dongle thing ? If dongle no idea. But my import has the same key but does absolutely nothing. I'm LED to believe there's no immobiliser in the key so you could just get a blank and get one cut. My alarm is all done off the aftermarket fob

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Yeah I'm thinking leave the immobiliser thing and get a new key for the alarm. Is that much simpler to lock and unlock

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You don't have an alarm do you !? or have you got a sigma as well !?, the 2 buttons on the key are purely remote central locking from factory unless upgraded by a sigma.

When imported your JDM car would of had the tear drop transponder immobiliser fitted as part of UK conversion as vehicles of that age in UK need an immobiliser as minimum security requirement to pass testing.

Your particular touch type transponder is a bit crap to use.

What paperwork do you have for alarm as UK insurance would want this so you should have something.

UK cars came with transponder inbuilt into key along with remote central locking.

Sigma was a full secondary alarm option from UK Subaru dealers & added to work with original key fob housing.

If you don't want use the teardrop touch responder you will have to remove & upgrade immobiliser/alarm system & have certificate for insurance ...

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Thanks I'll dig through all paperwork. Wouldn't mind upgrading to something better

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Yeh I would probably go with half decent cat1 system & dump the teardrop transponder & the key with fob.

I would get 2 standard metal keys cut, maybe on scooby or STI emblem blanks & have the cat1 alarm fobs work the central locking direct. easy live with over current setup plus insurance will like cat1 cert.

I quite like autowatch, sigma & Cobra alarms but worth doing some research so buy something you happy with, alarms are quite cheap these days ...

Those touch style immobilisers are normally only done as cheapest option for importers (about £75 trade)

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