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Yeah I think its piston slap bit thicker oil sometimes quietens it. Shouldn't worry to much. Well unless it gets worse and all the time. I wont scare you with what that is. Just you tube bigend failure. I'd link it but on my phone at the minute.

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Piston slap isnt on the down rev though, mine slaps due to them being forged but only on tick over and when warming up, thicker oil in this situation will just turn the engine into a ticking time bomb im afraid, and most likely the outcome will be it will throw the piston .

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Knocking bottom ends do tend to get louder under load and (unless caught very early) don't go away when up to temp .

Have you checked it's not a pin hole/ minor blow in the exhaust system ?

As my slip jointed headers tend to "tick" a bit until they're warm and expand to close the gap .

What oil grade/make are you using atm ?

As minor piston slap / hydraulic lifter noise can be improved by using a quality oil of the right grade (as gambit said )

But just chucking oil thats to thick will just increase wear (as ash said)

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Yeah I didn't mean go for full on treacle :D I use 10W50 in the bugeye and 5W30 in the blobeye so that should be ok as long as it's a good brand. I wouldn't use a Halfords own make I'm sure some people do but for me like most things you get what you pay for. And oil companies spend millions on research I don't think they do that to waste money :)

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