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Whiteline anti roll bushes

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Anyone had any experience with these ?

Went to fit mine today and they are massive in comparison to oem do you have to use the whiteline mounts or am I missing something?

These are apparently the correct ones for my year ?



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I think whiteline do a range of different size bushes mate. I looked at getting some replacement d bushes, but there was like 5 different sizes to choose from. lol didnt know where to start lol.


lol sorry if that doesnt make sense, im having a LAN n im half cut...

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No don't give my reg mate ad it brings up a non turbo gl on the database. Even on the whitline site it says for 98-2002 but I did notice one for the rear looks like the front ones I have.

Trouble is they just use a generic picture on the bushes.

There was something on forester.org a while back but can't find it now

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Makes sense Clive I've just found the other article, says I should order W0404-19 instead, grrr ! I knew last night's parts swap was going too easy when I'd done the cooler,tank gasket and had a brew in an hour.

Rick have a look at yours and if they look like the new ones I have give us a shout

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Sound yes, deeper note to idle and spool seems to be faster [emoji3] . Not much boost increase as I went to see a mate last night so not had chance to give it some

Took a bit to get it to sit properly which was weird, maybe it's the sillicone collar I bought seem a little shorter.

Looks good though cheers !

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The cast pipe is supposd to be upto 50% more efficient. well Monday will be a whole different kettle of fish. Just got to remember to pick up new filter I left in work last night. The engine bay is looking good, getting there I'm not one for detailing it but whenever I remove a part the area gets cleaned and bits replaced.

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