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new guy from over the water


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hi guys . originally a brummie but have moved to sunnier WA ...  had a few s2 legacy turbos under my belt  back in the uk  when i was young and foolish  but now looking at getting back in the subaru seat after 20 years ...  . Lots of outbacks out here so looking to go down that path ... .  just monitoring the head gasket problem .... looking at anything from 1997 to 2001 .. so will see what comes up ...

any body got any sensible mods done to these models  ?.  not looking for turbos  as  i will just go crazy like i did 20 years ....   





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Hi Wayne welcome to S.O.C

Have a few Aussie members on here and some that have lived there come back and others that will be making the short flight across too soon lol. I won't lie pointless me ging info on the outback be we have a few members that I'm sure will be more than happy to help :) 

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I'd love to go over but can't see it at the moment. But have a member on here  talking about it that he's going over soon so feel free to join in :) All friendly bunch on here :)


I can't remember now but you can save it from my sig if you want too think right click and copy image  :)

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