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trackday exhaust for blobeye


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I'll message fonzey for you tomorrow see whay he did. If anything I remember he had to short shift because it was too loud [emoji35] not sure if he had swapped his yet though mate I know he had to goto the states on work shortly after not been back long.

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The two "go-to" choices are:


Revolution 3" System: http://www.revolution247.com/catalogue/shop-by-category-exhausts-revolution-exhausts


Or The Cobra Sports Trackday system: http://www.cobrasport.com/index.php/cobra-sport-exhaust-products/subaru/impreza/subaru-impreza-wrx-sti-17/subaru-impreza-turbo-track-day-turbo-back-system-with-de-cat.html


I've been taking my prodrive backbox in the boot, so if I get flagged - it's two bolts to swap out to that (its very quiet). Thinking of bumping up to the Revolution system though later in the year.

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Might have seen it 




cobra track friendly full 3inch turbo back system with full de catted down pipe/centre section and back box sounds great without being to loud passes most track day noise tests with any suppressors needed etc does have small dent in pipe doesn't affect system or anything but it is there £250
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