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PPP ECU flash

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Hi all,hope all are well :)


I have a 2002 bugeye wrx and have replaced the back exhaust,K&N panel filter and looking for a safe flash of the ecu. I am ok mechanically ,but have no experience regarding flashing the ecu. Not bothered about pushing it to 280hp............etc,want it safe/reliable but a little extra poke. Not removed a cat but can be done if a must or even after the flash. Is there any one in the manchester/bolton area who would be willing to help me please. Of course cash waiting for their time and what they are happy with :)


Many thanks ven :)

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Hi,sorry for late reply

Yes PPP re-map I beleive can be done flashing the ECU (could be wrong). There are no fault codes etc and runs fine . Had all belts and plugs done a few K ago.

Just wondered if anyone around the area might have it on their laptop :-)


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Thanks guys,I was under the impression there was a map that people could use via the obd2 port. Maybe I am getting mixed up with open source maps. Sure I read up that it can be obtained and its a standard map(not custom like Duncan and Rob do). A basic PPP map with the few mods.

Looks like a custom re-map then is the only way. Mobile is best as I am not bothered about rolling road and read outs. Don't want to go down that road!!! As I know it never ends and things break (including the bank) :-)

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On classics the PPP is within the ecu and you swap them over

Right,maybe that was also adding to my confusion,i was under the impression for some reason it could be easily done via the obd2 with the PPP map being a generic one..................providing someone had the map or similar on their lap top. It does not have to be the PPP exact,just a similar map if makes sense.


Thanks :)

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Not unless they got mapping software like eculabs or datalogit

I would never ever try a generic map off someones laptop with these engines , unless you fancy spending a couple grand on a new engine build

Even the Apexi base map is shocking

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Cheers,well got the ball rolling a little,ordered a boost gauge and pod for the pillar 



Green to match dash




So i have a starting point and no where i will be going,of course to keep an eye on things to............and i like them :)


Once fitted,will look at mapping over next month/s.....................getting it done discrete without the boss knowing is the hard part :rolleyes:

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