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Classic arb to chassis mounts


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Can someone measure the drop on the mounts for me please?

I took pictures on Monday of the classic mount but no measurements. Been having a poke around mine and the foz's appear to be longer to accommodate the extra ride hight so I may have to get new mounts as don't want to end up twisting them

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Haha no worries mate weather's been terrible here too,

I'll post a pick up of mine you may be able to confirm just by looking.


People on the foz site say it should be ok and will probably fail at some point in the future, I can't be arsed fitting it only to have to replace a part in the future, may as well do a job properly the 1st time

Thanks again Clive

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They have a Longer drop I took rough measurements and compared then to yours and it would appear that the u shape metal is 4" with the bush on top it's closer to 5" makes sense if the stock suspension sits higher, than impreza. the rest looks almost the same given I've had a proper poke around, think cos yours are black it threw me a little.

If I could use the impreza mounts I think it would have less chance of twisting being shorter, but I think it will mess up the ride.

I've ordered the whitline mounting kit but it won't be here till end of march


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They apear to be like rocking horse poo, there's couple of breakers near me but I can't be arsed as most of the cars are old and a bit battered underneath. Tis also why it's taking so long for the whiteline mounts as they don't keep them instock in the UK

Sadly I've not welded anything since metalwork in school otherwise I'd have had a crack at making up a pair,

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