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New to this site and need opinions


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Ive had a 1993 Subaru Legacy RS 2.0ltr twin turbo sitting in my drive for maybe 4 years now it was my uncles and its been handed down to me in the last month. The engine is gone but the gear box is perfect. I want to restore it and do it up but Im not familiar with Subaru's at all. I want to know mechanical wise what should I do as I'll be stripping the whole car down. I want something with a good bit of power and that I can upgrade. Any help with any mechanical side at all I'll be grateful with. Money isnt a problem either so just shout it and I'll look into it. Much appreciated.

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Hello, welcome you have a few options really, rebuild the engine 2k ish buy a new short block around the same cost, or go the whole hog and swap out a new long motor, all depends on how much you want to do to it and what kind of power your after, the rest of it should be fairly straightforward

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