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Been a little while


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Well it's been a little while since I was last posting, mostly because we had to sell the sti due to unforeseen circumstances which really made me rather frustrated and peeved at the whole situation.

Literally 2 weeks after selling it turned out we had made a rather over hasty decision to sell her as things turned round much quicker than we anticipated and hadn't fallen foul as much as we feared. I suppose it was mainly due to worrying about the children and the "do we really need an over the top second car" feelings that madee make the jump but in the long run I think it's actually worked out for the best.

Last Sunday, we managed to get a replacement for the Bugeye, we got a Bugeye!

This time however I have now got a silver wagon wrx which is actually much more exciting to drive than the sti was. Probably something to do with 314hp and Ksport 8 pots up front along with full whiteline suspension setup that has something to do with it.

Needless to say I haven't stopped smiling since we picked it up and this one is nigh on immaculate so I think initially selling the sti was the best move I made as otherwise wouldn't have ended up with this one.

Will try to upload some pics as soon as I work out how's best.

Anyway, means I'm back :)

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Yep very true stants. Had to do it as thought it was going to implicate things at home and affect the children which isn't fair so I had to cut ties but as it turned out in the end the hasty reaction worked well in our favor.

Very pleased all round and wife and children prefer this one too so browny points all round lol :)

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Thanks for the welcome back again. It wasn't a long break away but I did miss the car more than I thought I would.

I also had always been in the opinion of why would i want a wrx when there is the sti option however as it has been proven to me a well sorted out wrx can run rings round a lightly modded sti (well it does my old one) and that one had been given huge praise by several people for the way it performed and drove.

Either way I won't be so overlooking on the wrx's from now on as they are still pretty special even if they don't have a 6spd and other additions of it's bigger brother.

I did nearly get another sti which again had been well spec'd up but the owner started messing me around when I asked if I could get it checked out (at my expense) and then didn't get back in touch with me so then I found my wagon and again far nicer example than the black sti I was considering.

What you said is right, I am smiling with this one so much and that is all that matters ;)

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