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Autoart Grimsby


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As a lot of you knew I was having my Morettes resprayed. And the company that had done them was a place in Grimsby called Autoart.

I'm a strong believer that good service sparsely get's passed on via word of mouth, but all I can say Sam who did them for me is a great lad, I'd like to give thanks to Brokey for recommendation too.

But Sam really knows his stuff. They can do all types of bodywork repairs and resprays to even wheel refurbs which will be my next job for poor old Sam when I get another set of spares :D

So if anyone is within the Grimsby Area looking for any type of work to be done I'd Highly recommend Autoart.


Rear of 30 robert street 


North East Lincolnshire 

United Kingdom

01472 240660


Google map



I think the pictures speak louder than words ;) So here they are 







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Pictures probably don't do them justice as well as it should really lol  :lol: But well chuffed with them. I know he had a right ball ache doing them well mainly getting the poor layers of previous paint off. But doing them the two colours like I asked to be done I can't see that was easy either :)

I'm tempted to try flyeye the big center lense see what it looks like :)

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Cheers mate :) I might remove the roof scoop at some point if I dare worried it will damage the paint. Yeah they do some good diecast models I have the Corgi Richard Burns S5 they did for the Richard Burns Foundation :) 

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