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Impreza gearbox codes

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I've had a spare gearbox in my garden for a very long time. It's time for it to go. I've been doing some research but failed to find any differences in the numerous and almost endless amounts of codes that apply. Does anyone here have the knowledge to differentiate between the codes?

Pretty much want to pick the brains of you good people.

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It's already sold. No diff. I bought it a long time ago as box/engine combo but only wanted engine. It sold for £26! It's £26 more I had than this morning and it gets it out my garden.

I originally priced it at 60 but no offers so went for a 99p auction. Just want it gone and chances are it won't be working well or atlwast very long which I explained in the listing. I'd never even tested it.

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Yeah figured someone would want it eventually. If I knew it was working and it hadn't been left to rot basically then I'd have asked for more.

The guy was asking what type code was and that's what got me searching. Then I found so many different codes even just for pre 2000. Got a bit baffled and figured I'll ask the forum [emoji38]

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