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Pop-up headlight washers


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My WRX 2.5 has pop-up washers for the head lights. They were working last week. Now they're not.This causes an MOT failure. I checked the fuse and it looks ok. Are there any known issues with them? Any suggestions for what I can check please? Thanks ☺

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Well, not sure what it was.


The headlight washers were not working... they are supposed to come on a few seconds after pushing the washer button if its held in. So, they were definitely not popping up even after 20 seconds of holding in the washer button.


Inside the cab, I took out both fuses for windshield wiper washer (15), and rear wash wipe (14) - which mine does not have because its a sedan WRX. I suspected it may be fuse 14 therefore. But, there was no fuse problem with either when I electrically tested both.


I then went to the front fuse box in the engine compartment and checked all the relays, just pushing them in slightly to see they were home and located properly. They were all connected...

I checked the headlight washers and suddenly they were working! I can only hope this fixes it for a while.

So, I reckon it was a simple loose connection on a relay, but I don't know which one because the car manual shows what the fuses are, but doesn't show what the relays are. Doh!
It will help all if someone here has a WRX and WRX STi fuse and relay diagram :) With Thanks.

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ok, I found a diagram of the relays - it's under the fuse box cover! Obvious and should have looked there. Now, I still don't know what relay it is though or if it even uses one? Can't see it... what's a SBF or ALT-Def or any of the others? There's lots of acronyns here which mean little to me because I'm not an electrician lol. See attached photo. Anyone know please?


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If washers are fitted to headlights then they have to be both working for a MOT pass. Same if you have headlight wipers. Usually the plastic pop-up fitting breaks which means getting a replacement. As for the relay, I still can't trace it out yet.

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